14.5 InnoDB Concepts and Architecture

14.5.1 MySQL and the ACID Model
14.5.2 The InnoDB Transaction Model and Locking
14.5.3 InnoDB Lock Modes
14.5.4 Consistent Nonlocking Reads
14.5.5 Locking Reads (SELECT ... FOR UPDATE and SELECT ... LOCK IN SHARE MODE)
14.5.6 InnoDB Record, Gap, and Next-Key Locks
14.5.7 Avoiding the Phantom Problem Using Next-Key Locking
14.5.8 Locks Set by Different SQL Statements in InnoDB
14.5.9 Implicit Transaction Commit and Rollback
14.5.10 Deadlock Detection and Rollback
14.5.11 How to Cope with Deadlocks
14.5.12 InnoDB Multi-Versioning
14.5.13 InnoDB Table and Index Structures

The information in this section provides background to help you get the most performance and functionality from using InnoDB tables. It is intended for:

In this section, you will learn: