14.6 InnoDB Configuration

14.6.1 InnoDB Initialization and Startup Configuration
14.6.2 InnoDB Buffer Pool Configuration
14.6.3 Configuring the Memory Allocator for InnoDB
14.6.4 Configuring InnoDB Change Buffering
14.6.5 Configuring Thread Concurrency for InnoDB
14.6.6 Configuring the Number of Background InnoDB I/O Threads
14.6.7 Configuring the InnoDB Master Thread I/O Rate
14.6.8 Configuring Spin Lock Polling
14.6.9 Configuring InnoDB Purge Scheduling
14.6.10 Configuring Optimizer Statistics for InnoDB

This section provides configuration information and procedures for InnoDB initialization, startup, and various components and features of the InnoDB storage engine. For information about optimizing database operations for InnoDB tables, see Section 8.5, “Optimizing for InnoDB Tables”.