6.3 MySQL User Account Management

6.3.1 User Names and Passwords
6.3.2 Adding User Accounts
6.3.3 Removing User Accounts
6.3.4 Setting Account Resource Limits
6.3.5 Assigning Account Passwords
6.3.6 Pluggable Authentication
6.3.7 Proxy Users
6.3.8 Using Secure Connections
6.3.9 Creating SSL Certificates and Keys Using openssl
6.3.10 Connecting to MySQL Remotely from Windows with SSH
6.3.11 MySQL Enterprise Audit Log Plugin
6.3.12 SQL-Based MySQL Account Activity Auditing

This section describes how to set up accounts for clients of your MySQL server. It discusses the following topics:

See also Section 13.7.1, “Account Management Statements”, which describes the syntax and use for all user-management SQL statements.