A.6 MySQL 5.6 FAQ: Views


Questions and Answers

A.6.1: Where can I find documentation covering MySQL Views?

See Section 20.5, “Using Views”.

A.6.2: Is there a discussion forum for MySQL Views?

Yes. See http://forums.mysql.com/list.php?100

A.6.3: What happens to a view if an underlying table is dropped or renamed?

After a view has been created, it is possible to drop or alter a table or view to which the definition refers. To check a view definition for problems of this kind, use the CHECK TABLE statement. (See Section, “CHECK TABLE Syntax”.)

A.6.4: Does MySQL 5.6 have table snapshots?


A.6.5: Does MySQL 5.6 have materialized views?


A.6.6: Can you insert into views that are based on joins?

It is possible, provided that your INSERT statement has a column list that makes it clear there is only one table involved.

You cannot insert into multiple tables with a single insert on a view.