11.3.6 Fractional Seconds in Time Values

Before MySQL 5.6.4, the instances are limited in which a fractional seconds part is permitted in temporal values. A trailing fractional part is permissible in contexts such as literal values, and in the arguments to or return values from some temporal functions. Example:

mysql> SELECT MICROSECOND('2010-12-10 14:12:09.019473');
| MICROSECOND('2010-12-10 14:12:09.019473') |
|                                     19473 |

However, when MySQL stores a value into a column of any temporal data type, it discards any fractional part and does not store it.

MySQL 5.6.4 and up expands fractional seconds support for TIME, DATETIME, and TIMESTAMP values, with up to microseconds (6 digits) precision:

In some cases, previously accepted syntax may produce different results. The following items indicate where existing code may need to be changed to avoid problems: