14.17.2 Architecture of InnoDB and memcached Integration

This section describes how the memcached daemon is integrated into the MySQL Server.

When integrated with MySQL Server, memcached is implemented as a MySQL plugin daemon, accessing the InnoDB storage engine directly and bypassing the SQL layer:

Architecture Diagram for MySQL Server with Integrated memcached Server

Features provided in the current release:

Differences Between Using memcached Standalone or with InnoDB

MySQL users might already be familiar with using memcached along with MySQL, as described in Section 16.3, “Using MySQL with memcached. This section describes the similarities and differences between the information in that section, and when using the InnoDB integration features of the memcached that is built into MySQL. The link at the start of each item goes to the associated information about the traditional memcached server.

For a more detailed look at the workings of this feature, see Section 14.17.7, “Internals of the InnoDB memcached Plugin”.