14.10 InnoDB and Online DDL

14.10.1 Overview of Online DDL
14.10.2 Performance and Concurrency Considerations for Online DDL
14.10.3 SQL Syntax for Online DDL
14.10.4 Combining or Separating DDL Statements
14.10.5 Examples of Online DDL
14.10.6 Implementation Details of Online DDL
14.10.7 How Crash Recovery Works with Online DDL
14.10.8 Online DDL for Partitioned InnoDB Tables
14.10.9 Limitations of Online DDL

The online DDL feature builds on the InnoDB Fast Index Creation feature that is available in MySQL 5.1 and MySQL 5.5. The InnoDB Fast Index Creation feature optimized CREATE INDEX and DROP INDEX to avoid table-copying behavior. The online DDL feature, introduced in MySQL 5.6, enhances many other types of ALTER TABLE operations to avoid table copying, blocking DML operations while DDL is in progress, or both.

The online DDL feature has the following benefits:

The MySQL Cluster NDB storage engine also supports online table schema changes, but uses its own syntax that is not compatible with the syntax used for InnoDB online operations. For more information, see Section, “ALTER TABLE Online Operations in MySQL Cluster”.