14.12 InnoDB Performance

14.12.1 InnoDB Buffer Pool Configuration
14.12.2 InnoDB Mutex and Read/Write Lock Implementation
14.12.3 Configuring the Memory Allocator for InnoDB
14.12.4 Configuring InnoDB Change Buffering
14.12.5 Configuring Thread Concurrency for InnoDB
14.12.6 Configuring the Number of Background InnoDB I/O Threads
14.12.7 Group Commit
14.12.8 Configuring the InnoDB Master Thread I/O Rate
14.12.9 Configuring Spin Lock Polling
14.12.10 InnoDB Integration with MySQL Performance Schema
14.12.11 Better Scalability with Multiple Rollback Segments
14.12.12 Configuring InnoDB Purge Scheduling
14.12.13 Optimizing InnoDB Read-Only Transactions
14.12.14 Using the CRC32 Checksum Algorithm for Faster Checksums
14.12.15 Optimizer Statistics
14.12.16 Estimating ANALYZE TABLE Complexity for InnoDB Tables

This section provides information about InnoDB features and enhancements related to performance and scalability.

Tips and guidelines for tuning InnoDB tables are provided in the optimization chapter. See Section 8.5, “Optimizing for InnoDB Tables”.