The INNODB_SYS_FOREIGN table provides status information about InnoDB foreign keys, equivalent to the information from the SYS_FOREIGN table in the InnoDB data dictionary.

Table 21.11 INNODB_SYS_FOREIGN Columns

Column nameDescription
IDThe name (not a numeric value) of the foreign key index. Preceded by the database name, for example, test/products_fk.
FOR_NAMEThe name of the child table in this foreign key relationship.
REF_NAMEThe name of the parent table in this foreign key relationship.
N_COLSThe number of columns in the foreign key index.
TYPEA collection of bit flags with information about the foreign key column, ORed together. 1 = ON DELETE CASCADE, 2 = ON UPDATE SET NULL, 4 = ON UPDATE CASCADE, 8 = ON UPDATE SET NULL, 16 = ON DELETE NO ACTION, 32 = ON UPDATE NO ACTION.