The INNODB_SYS_TABLES table provides status information about InnoDB tables, equivalent to the information from the SYS_TABLES table in the InnoDB data dictionary.

Table 21.7 INNODB_SYS_TABLES Columns

Column nameDescription
TABLE_IDAn identifier for each InnoDB table that is unique across all databases in the instance.
NAMEThe name of the table. Preceded by the database name where appropriate, for example test/t1. InnoDB system table names are in all uppercase. Names of databases and user tables are in the same case as they were originally defined, possibly influenced by the lower_case_table_names setting.
FLAG0 = InnoDB system table, 1 = user table.
N_COLSThe number of columns in the table.
SPACEAn identifier for the tablespace where the table resides. 0 means the InnoDB system tablespace. Any other number represents a table created in file-per-table mode with a separate .ibd file. This identifier stays the same after a TRUNCATE TABLE statement. Other than the zero value, this identifier is unique for tables across all the databases in the instance.