18.1.4 MySQL Cluster Development History MySQL Cluster Development in MySQL Cluster NDB 7.3

In this section, we discuss changes in the implementation of MySQL Cluster in MySQL MySQL Cluster NDB 7.3, as compared to MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2 and earlier releases. Changes and features most likely to be of interest are shown in the following table:

MySQL Cluster NDB 7.3
MySQL Cluster NDB 7.3 is based on MySQL 5.6. For more information about new features in MySQL Server 5.6, see Section 1.4, “What Is New in MySQL 5.6”.
MySQL Cluster NDB 7.3 supports foreign key constraints on tables. See Section, “FOREIGN KEY Constraints”, and Section, “Using FOREIGN KEY Constraints”, for more information.
MySQL Cluster NDB 7.3 provides support for Node.js using the MySQL NoSQL Connector for JavaScript. See MySQL NoSQL Connector for JavaScript, for more information.

This section contains information about MySQL Cluster NDB 7.3 releases through 5.6.20-ndb-7.3.7, which is now available as a General Availability release. MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2 and MySQL Cluster NDB 7.1 are previous GA release series which are still supported, although we recommend that new deployments use MySQL Cluster NDB 7.3. For information about MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2 and previous MySQL Cluster releases, see MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2, in the MySQL 5.5 Reference Manual.