8.5 Optimizing for InnoDB Tables

8.5.1 Optimizing Storage Layout for InnoDB Tables
8.5.2 Optimizing InnoDB Transaction Management
8.5.3 Optimizing InnoDB Read-Only Transactions
8.5.4 Optimizing InnoDB Redo Logging
8.5.5 Bulk Data Loading for InnoDB Tables
8.5.6 Optimizing InnoDB Queries
8.5.7 Optimizing InnoDB DDL Operations
8.5.8 Optimizing InnoDB Disk I/O
8.5.9 Optimizing InnoDB Configuration Variables
8.5.10 Optimizing InnoDB for Systems with Many Tables

InnoDB is the storage engine that MySQL customers typically use in production databases where reliability and concurrency are important. InnoDB is the default storage engine in MySQL 5.6 This section explains how to tables more often than before. This section explains how to optimize database operations for InnoDB tables.