Adding Roles

To add a role, double-click the Add Role icon. This creates a role with the default name role1. Right-clicking a role opens a pop-up menu with the following items:

To rename a role, click the role name. Then you will be able to edit the text.

All roles that have been defined are listed under Roles on the left side of the role editor. Double-clicking a role object opens the role editor docked at the bottom of the page.

Figure 7.5 Role Editor

Role editor

Select the role to which you wish to add objects. You may drag and drop objects from the Physical Schemata to the Objects section of the role editor. To assign privileges to a role, select it from the Roles section, then select an object in the Objects section. In the Privileges section, check the rights you wish to assign to this role. For example, a web_user role might have only SELECT privileges and only for database objects exposed through a web interface. Creating roles can make the process of assigning rights to new users much easier.