Chapter 13 Extending Workbench

Table of Contents

13.1 GRT and Workbench Data Organization
13.2 Modules
13.3 Plugins / Tools
13.4 Adding a GUI to a Plugin Using MForms
13.5 The Workbench Scripting Shell
13.5.1 Exploring the Workbench Scripting Shell
13.5.2 The Shell Window
13.5.3 The Files, Globals, Classes, Modules, and Notifications Tabs
13.6 Tutorial: Writing Plugins

MySQL Workbench provides an extension and scripting system that enables the developer to extend MySQL Workbench capabilities. While the core of MySQL Workbench is developed using C++, it is possible to harness this core functionality using both the Lua and Python scripting languages. MySQL Workbench also provides access to a cross-platform GUI library, MForms, which enables the creation of extensions that feature a graphical user interface.

The extension system enables the following capabilities: