Chapter 2 Installing and Launching MySQL Workbench

Table of Contents

2.1 System Requirements
2.2 Command-line options
2.3 MySQL Workbench on Windows
2.3.1 Installing
2.3.2 Launching
2.3.3 Uninstalling
2.4 MySQL Workbench on Linux
2.4.1 Installing
2.4.2 Launching
2.4.3 Uninstalling
2.5 MySQL Workbench on Mac OS X
2.5.1 Installing
2.5.2 Launching
2.5.3 Uninstalling

MySQL Workbench is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Binary distributions of MySQL Workbench are available for the preceding platforms. Source code distributions are also available as a tar.gz package, or an RPM package.

MySQL Workbench downloads are available at

The following sections explain the installation process for each of these platforms.