The Layer Tool

The layer tool is the rectangular icon with a capital L in the lower left corner. Use the layer tool to organize the objects on an EER Diagram canvas. It is useful for grouping similar objects. For example, you may use it to group all your views.

Click the layer tool and use it to draw a rectangle on the canvas. Change to the standard mouse pointer tool and pick up any objects you would like to place on the newly created layer.

To change the size of a layer, first select it by clicking it. When a layer is selected, small rectangles appear at each corner and in the middle of each side. Adjust the size by dragging any of these rectangles.

You can also make changes to a layer by selecting the layer and changing properties in the Properties panel. Using the Properties panel is the only way to change the name of a layer.

To activate the layer tool from the keyboard, use the L key. For more information about layers, see Section 7.3.5, “Creating Layers”.