2.5.3 Uninstalling

To uninstall MySQL Workbench for OS X, locate MySQL Workbench in the Applications folder, right-click, and select Move to Trash.

What Is Not Removed

By default, the uninstallation process does not remove your MySQL Workbench configuration directory. This directory includes your MySQL connections, configuration settings, cache files, SQL snippets and history, logs, custom modules, and more. These files are stored under your user's MySQL/Workbench/ folder.


By default, the MySQL Workbench configuration directory is ~username/Library/Application Support/MySQL/Workbench where "~username" is the path to your user's home directory.

Also, the uninstallation process does not remove the .mysqlworkbench schema that MySQL Workbench creates when sharing SQL snippets across a MySQL connection. For additional information about shared snippets, see Section 8.1.5, “SQL Snippets tab”.