3.1 MySQL Connections Home

The following is a typical MySQL Workbench Home page:

Figure 3.1 MySQL Workbench Home Page

MySQL Workbench Home Page

Notice the three MySQL connection tiles named "Localhost", "Local MEM", and "Localhost as John" that were created. Each tile shows the Username, Hostname, and (optionally) the default Schema used with the connection.


The optional Default Schema is selected when a MySQL connection is opened by issuing a "USE DATABASE" statement.

To add a connection, click the [+] icon to the right of the MySQL Connections label. For additional information about creating a MySQL connection, see Section 3.2, “Creating A New MySQL Connection”.

Connection Groups

You may also create groups of connections. Create a group by either right-clicking a connection and choosing the Move to group... context menu option, or you may prefix your connection name with the group name separated by a forward slash (for example, "QA/TestBox") when you create or configure the connection.