Appendix G Third Party Licenses

Table of Contents

G.1 .NET Flat TabControl License
G.2 ANTLR ECMA Grammar License
G.3 ANTLR License
G.4 Bitstream Vera License
G.5 Boost Library License
G.6 Cairo License
G.7 CTemplate (Google Template System) License
G.8 cURL (libcurl) License
G.9 DockPanel Suite License
G.10 Dojo Toolkit v1.7.0b1 License
G.11 FreeTDS License
G.12 GDAL/OGR License
G.13 GLib License (for MySQL Workbench)
G.14 Glitz License
G.15 GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1, February 1999
G.16 HtmlRenderer (System.Drawing.Html)
G.17 iODBC License
G.18 Libiconv License
G.19 Libintl License
G.20 libpng License
G.21 Libxml2 License
G.22 Libzip License
G.23 Lua (liblua) License
G.24 Paramiko License
G.25 PCRE License
G.26 Pixman License
G.27 PROJ.4 License
G.28 PyCrypto 2.6 License
G.29 PyODBC License
G.30 PySQLite License
G.31 Python License
G.32 Python-ecdsa License
G.33 Scintilla License
G.34 ScintillaNET License
G.35 SQLCipher License
G.36 TinyXML License
G.37 TreeViewAdv for .NET License
G.38 VSQLite++ License
G.39 zlib License

Use of any of this software is governed by the terms of the licenses that follow.

MySQL Workbench 6.3