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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Development Tools: Form Design Aid Guide
Release 8.98 Update 4

Part Number E14706-02
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24 Understanding Image Controls

This chapter contains the following topics:

24.1 Image Controls

You can use a bitmap control to create a control that looks like a picture or other artwork. You can then attach event rule logic to the control. For example, you can attach logic to the Button Clicked event on the control so that when a user clicks the control, the application automatically links to a different form. Button Clicked is the only event that can fire on an image control.

You also can use the bitmap control for an animated gif instead of a bitmap. An animated gif is particularly useful for Java and HTML applications. The animated gif is animated in Java and HTML applications; in Windows applications, however, it does not appear animated and only the first image of the animated gif file appears.

24.2 Image Control Design-Time Considerations

This list discusses how to use the design-time properties that are particularly useful for image controls: