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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Server and Workstation Administration Guide
Release 8.98 Update 4

Part Number E14718-03
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12 Understanding Executable Files on the Workstation

This chapter contains the following topics:

12.1 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Linked Executable Files

This section provides a list of linked executable files (executables) that are in the workstation system/bin32 directory.

Linked executables:

12.2 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Standalone Executable Files

You can run standalone executable files directly from either the command line or through Windows Explorer.

This table includes descriptions and instructions for running the standalone executable files:

Executable Description Run Instructions
JDECOMConnector2.exe This program sets up COM connections to the server using the COM Connector product and only works in that context. Contact Customer Support for full documentation. Run from the command line with a -regserver option.
LogViewer.exe This program employs a user friendly interface to view and modify plain ASCII JD Edwards EnterpriseOne files such as:
  • jdedebug.log

  • jde.log

  • olt.log

  • jde.ini

Double-click the executable.
MOConv.exe This utility converts all records to use a period as the decimal separator. Use this utility when records are entered into a single table using both commas and periods as decimal separators. This utility is driven by the MOConv.ini file. Quit JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and then double-click the executable.
Nettest.exe This utility tests basic JDENET connectivity using the "netecho" function against an enterprise server. Enter the name of the enterprise server in the Host Name box and press Send. The returned data indicates success or failure. Double-click. Required argument:

Enterprise Server Name

Regdlls.exe This program adds these dynamic link libraries (DLLs) to the registry:



Register these DLLs before using RunTAPI.exe.

Run from a DOS window in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system/bin32 directory.
RunTAPI.exe This program controls interoperability between JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and telephone switching systems. It is a snap-in (harness) to ComTech CTI Server objects. It requires jde.ini file changes and Regdlls.exe before it can be run. Contact Customer Support for full documentation. Double-click.
SABridge.exe This Object Export Facility displays the names of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne objects along with their descriptions and corresponding product codes. Double-click the executable.
SnapShot.exe This program manages multiple workstation installations on the same PC.

You can install a new instance of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne by clicking Save to store the current workstation installation in a newly named location. Click Restore to toggle between the current and saved versions.

Exit JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and then double-click the executable.
VerifyOCM.exe This program reads the OCM tables from the database and verifies that the mappings in OCM are correct. Run from a DOS window. Required arguments are:
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne user

  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne password

  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Environment

Vercheck.exe This program displays, on one screen, the properties of all the files in a directory. The properties are the same as those that are displayed when you right-click a file and select Properties. Open a DOS window, change the directory to the desired target, and double-click the executable.
GenCOM.exe This program generates COM wrappers for the business functions that are specified in the script. Run GenCom.exe from the command line with the name of the script file.
GenCORBA.exe Creates CORBA wrappers around JD Edwards EnterpriseOne business functions. This is a command line utility that requires a script file as an input.

GenCORBA generates CORBA interfaces for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne business functions.


GenCORBA[options] [libraries]

For example:

GenCORBA /Cat /UserID Devuser1 /Password Denuser1 /Environment ADEVHPO2 CAEC

GenJava.exe GenJava provides access to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne business functions by generating pure Java interfaces to them. Run GenJava.


GenJava [options] [libraries]

For example:

GenJava /Cat /UserID Devuser1 /Password Denuser1 /Environment ADEVHPO2 CAEC

LaunchUBE.exe LaunchUBE.exe is used to launch the UBE job stand-alone (not going through JD Edwards EnterpriseOne). It replaces the User Interface of UBEPrint.exe. Double-click the executable or start using the command line.
Autopilot.exe Autopilot is the centerpiece of all automated testing tools. Using Autopilot, a person can script JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications to run automatically and save the scripts to run many times. Autopilot is used throughout the company and by many customers for a wide variety of purposes. Normally started from a desktop button or from the Start menu without command line options.
EventCapture.exe EventCapture is a small program that can be activated alongside JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (in lieu of Autopilot) to capture performance and debugging information. EventCapture is often used instead of Autopilot because it is simpler and quicker than creating an Autopilot script for a single use. With EventCapture, the user drives JD Edwards EnterpriseOne; with Autopilot, the script drives JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Normally started from a desktop button or the Start Menu without command line options.
APTestMgr.exe Autopilot Test Manager is used to run multiple Autopilot scripts in a batch and to manage batches for repeated execution. It has some ability to summarize results, and it is frequently used for regression testing. Normally started from a desktop button or from the Start Menu without command line options.
VSMerge.exe JD Edwards ER Compare tool is used to compare and merge Event Rules (ER) for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications, Reports, Table Conversions, NERs (Named Event Rules), and TERs (Table Event Rules). It also can be used to compare and merge C Business functions. You can launch JD Edwards ER Compare tool from OMW or from the command line.
VSMEditor.exe VSM Editor is a rarely used GUI tool that creates .VSM files. VSM files are super scripts that name one or more virtual Autopilot scripts to be run in succession by VAPPlayer. Normally run by double-clicking vsmeditor.exe in bin32.
VirtualRunner.exe VirtualRunner is a GUI tool for controlling multiple VAPPlayer processes on a single workstation. Run the tool from a shortcut on the desktop or in the Start Menu. This tool does not use command line arguments.
vapplayer.exe Virtual Autopilot Player enables you to simulate multiple concurrent JD Edwards EnterpriseOne users on a single workstation. It is used primarily for concurrency testing during development and for performance and scalability testing of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications. VAPPlayer requires a proper vap.ini (initialization) file. VAPPlayer has many command line arguments, which are optional if vap.ini is fully utilized. See documentation for details. VAPPlayer has no user interface. It produces output in log files. VAPPlayer can be run from a command line, from the VirtualRunner graphical user interface, or from the Mercury LoadRunner (third-party) software console.
Analyzer.exe Analyzer.exe is better known as JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Analyzer. It is a powerful instrument that is used to analyze performance data and other debugging information that is generated by a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application that is run under Autopilot or EventCapture. Create a desktop button or Start Menu button. No command line arguments are used.
UTBrowse.exe UTB is a tool that is used for viewing the records in tables. We also use it to view local JD Edwards EnterpriseOne object specifications.

UTBrowse.exe uses these two libraries in the bin32 directory:

  • datautils.dll

  • envtool.dll.

Type UTB in the EnterpriseOne Fast Path field or click the executable.
tda.exe Use TDA to modify JD Edwards EnterpriseOne tables. On the Command Line, type tda.exe -idtablename, where tablename is the name of the table that you want to modify. For example, F0101.

You do not need to run JD Edwards EnterpriseOne before running tda.

tc.exe tc.exe opens the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Table Conversion Design Tool. This tool is used to design JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Table Conversion batch applications. Double-click the executable, or run it from the command line using the optional parameter idXXXX, where XXXX is the name of an existing Table Conversion object.
Tamvrfy.exe tamvrfy checks the integrity of all the tam files that are listed in the tamvrfy.lst. Double-click the executable.
tamtool.exe tamtool can perform these functions:
  • Recreate a tam file.

  • Copy a tam file.

  • Print index information.

  • Print the index key.

  • Verify the tam file.

Run from the command line.
tampack.exe tampack.exe is a backup utility in case tamftp.exe does not work for the customer. tampack.exe has about half the functionality of tamftp.exe.

tampack.exe is included with the workstation and the deployment server. tampack.exe creates a translated copy of TAM files (RDASPEC.DDB, GBRSPEC.DDB, and so on) on the PC.

The translated copies are known as pack files. When the program is finished, the user can manually run ftp.exe to transfer them to a remote enterprise server. When the pack files are on a remote enterprise server, the user can unpack them on the enterprise server.

You must run tampack.exe from a DOS shell and pass in parameters.
tamftp.exe tamftp.exe comes with the workstation and the deployment server. tamftp.exe transfers TAM files (RDASPEC.DDB, GBRSPEC.DDB, and so on) from the PC to a remote enterprise server that is operational. You must run the program from a DOS shell and pass it parameters.
pdf2pdl.exe pdf2pdl is an MFC application that converts PDF files into files containing the printer-specific protocol language for a selected printer. This application is intended only for development to troubleshoot problems with a customer's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne output. The tool can help solve configuration problems. Double-click the executable.
pdfcompare.exe Displays the objects in the PDF document as a list and compares them. Double-click the executable.