4 Multirack Cabling Tasks

This chapter describes multirack cabling tasks.

The following topics are covered:

4.1 Shutting Down Affected Exalogic Machines and Exadata Database Machines

Before you can set up the multirack cabling, you must first shut down the affected Exalogic machines and Exadata Database Machines. Consider the operational impact of shutting down the systems, and take appropriate action. Refer to the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Machine Owner's Guide and the Exadata Database Machine documentation for shutdown procedures.

4.2 Handling Inter-Switch Cables

Caution - Be careful when you handle InfiniBand cables. InfiniBand cables are very fragile. The cable ends might break off if the ends are dropped, or mishandled in any way. Before you handle any InfiniBand cables, you should be aware of all handling instructions. Read and follow Important Guidelines When Handling InfiniBand Cables. This document is included in the packaging of any new cables purchased. Or, go to http://docs.sun.com to access this document.

4.3 Extracting Spare InfiniBand Cables

A spare cable bundle is provided with Exalogic machines. Extract the spare InfiniBand cables from the bundle. You need to use the InfiniBand cables only. Restore spare Ethernet cables to the original spares location. You do not use the Ethernet cables.

4.4 Unbundling Inter-Switch Cables

Unbundle the inter-switch cables. Remove the cable ties holding the cables together, such as hook-and-loop fasteners. Lay the cables out gently in collections of like length. Observe safety precautions. Be careful when handling the cables to avoid cable damage.

4.5 Applying Cable and Rack Labels

Re-label all inter-rack cables from leaf switches to spine switches. Re-label each cable to identify the correct locations at both cable ends, so that cables can be connected correctly during future maintenance. Label all cables using the following convention:

Rack[#]LeafSW[#]Port[#] -> Rack[#]SpineSW[#]Port[#]

When labeling racks, label all installed Exalogic machines (or a combination of Exalogic machine and Exadata Database Machine) according to the plan you prepared in the previous chapter.

4.6 Connecting Cables

Procedures to connect cables are discussed in the following chapters:


Verify the required number of cables and cable lengths. Procedures in this guide assume that the racks are next to each other. Label the cables, on both ends. Use the labeling format described in the cabling tables located in the appendices at the end of this document.

4.7 Bundling Cables

Bundle the cables together. Be sure and leave the last 18 inches free so that you can maneuver cables into position near the leaf switch or the spine switch. You should probably wait until each of the bundles is installed into its final position before you connect them together.

4.8 Inspecting Cables

Perform a visual inspection to confirm that the leaf switches and spine switches in each rack (Exalogic machines and Exadata Database Machine) have the correct number of InfiniBand connections. You should also verify that the ports in the leaf switch are occupied. You should also verify that each spine switch has the correct number of cables coming into it.

4.9 Verifying Multirack Systems

After you have cabled and visually inspected the systems, start your Exalogic Machines and Exadata Database Machines, as appropriate. Refer to the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Machine Owner's Guide and the Exadata Database Machine documentation for start-up procedures. In addition, Oracle recommends that you verify the InfiniBand topology after connecting multiple racks. For information about verifying the InfiniBand fabric and discovering the topology, see the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Machine Owner's Guide and the Oracle Exadata Database Machine documentation.