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Oracle Human Resources Management Systems Payroll Processing Management Guide (US)
Release 12.1
Part Number E13541-07
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Oracle Human Resources Management Systems Payroll Processing Management Guide (US)


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Payrolls Overview
Consolidation Sets
Exchange Rates
Assignment Sets
Further Payroll Information Window
Selecting Exchange Rate Types for a Business Group
Defining Consolidation Sets
Changing Consolidation Sets
Defining an Assignment Set Using Formula Criteria
Defining an Assignment Set by Including or Excluding Assignments
Defining a Payroll
Deleting Payrolls
Setting Up Payroll Contact Information
Allocating Payroll Contacts

Payroll Payment and Distributions

Payroll Payment and Distributions Overview
Payroll Payment and Distributions
Payment Methods for Your Enterprise
Cash Management and Oracle Payroll
Payslip Region Information
Defining a Payment Method
Viewing Statement of Earnings
Setting Up Payslip Information and Generating Payslips
Extracting Information to Appear on the Payslip
Running the Pay Advice Alignment Report
Running the Payments Summary Report
Running the Pay Advice Report

Payroll Statutory Deductions and Reporting

Payroll Statutory Deductions and Reporting Overview
Payroll Statutory Deductions and Reporting
US Gross to Net Summary Report
Running the US Gross to Net Summary Report
Understanding Taxes
Tax Information for GREs
W-4 and Other Tax Data for Employees
Tax Withholding Methods
The Tax Calculation Process
Tax Information for an Employee Assignment
State and Local Tax Exemptions
Setting up Exemption Rules
Assignment Location Rules Overview
Mechanisms for Updating Tax Records
Update Assignment Location
Update With Insert Assignment Location
Update Override of Assignment Location
Reporting Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
FUTA Credit
Purging Tax Rules Records
Payroll Tax Address Overrides
Supplemental Tax Override
Entering a Blocking Factor for E Records
Entering Generic A and B Record Data for GRE Transmitters
Entering a FUTA Credit
Running the Annual FUTA Tax Return Work Sheet
Entering an Experience Rate
Entering State A and B Record Data for GRE Transmitters
Entering State Data for E and T and S Records
Entering R Record Data for the State of Maine
Handling Claims For More Than 10 Allowances
Reporting Third Party Payments
Setting Up the International Tax Navigator(tm) (Windstar Technologies) Interface
Running the International Tax Navigator Interface
Viewing International Tax Navigator Interface Results
Tax Form Audit Report
Running the Tax Form Exception Report
Taxability Rules for Earnings and Deductions Categories
Rules for Workers Compensation
Update Tax Records After Location Address Change
Adjusting Percentage Tax Rules
Creating Local Taxability Rules
Setting Up Tax Exemption Rules
Changing Taxability Rules for an Earnings Type
Changing Taxability Rules for a Pre-Tax Deduction
Ending Local Taxability Rules
Entering City Tax Rules
Entering County Tax Rules
Entering Federal Tax Rules for an Employee
Entering Federal Tax Rules for a GRE
Entering Local Tax Rules for a GRE
Entering State Tax Rules for an Employee
Entering State Tax Rules for a GRE
Updating Local Taxability Rules
Copying Taxability and Wage Attachment Rules
Enhanced Multi Jurisdiction Taxation Overview
Setting up Enhanced Multi Jurisdiction Taxation
Wage Accumulation using the Standard Tax Interface
Wage Accumulation using the Enhanced Tax Interface
Resident Wage Accumulation Scenarios
Setting Up Wage Accumulation
Setting up the Enhanced Tax Interface
Introduction to Balance Adjustment
Adjust Tax Balance and Adjust Balance Forms
Reasons For Balance Adjustments
Contact for Vertex's PayrollTax(tm) Calculation and Quantum for Payroll Tax System
Automated User Creation of JIT-Geocode Data
Tax Balances Form
Tax Balances Summary
Tax Balances
Tax Balancing Guide
Setting Up the Tax Balance Adjustment Elements
Performing Balance Adjustments
Adjusting Employee Withheld Balances Only
Viewing Tax Balances
Viewing a Tax Balances Summary
Adding New Tax Information for an Existing Geocode
Workers Compensation in Oracle Payroll
Payroll Exposure
WC Code Overrides
Default Worker's Compensation Code Mapping
WC Elements and Formulas in Oracle Payroll
Calculating Employer and Employee Contributions
Decisions Regarding WC Elements and Formulas in Oracle Payroll
      Worker's Compensation Assessment Fee
Creating Default Workers Compensation Code Mapping
Setup Steps for Workers Compensation Calculations
Exempting Employees from Workers Compensation
Associating WC Codes with Rates
Entering WC Codes, Payroll Exposure Rules, and Surcharges
Entering a WC Override Code
DCIA Garnishment
Implementing DCIA Garnishments
End of Year Processing
State Formats for Report Submission
Year End Return Due Dates
Year Begin Processing
Pre-Archival Reports
Clear SUI Wage Base Overrides Process
Resolving Unacceptable Balances
Unacceptable Tax Balance Report
Employee Self Service W-4 Checking
Running the Year Begin Process
Running the Unacceptable Tax Balance Report
Running the Tax Form Audit Report
Running the Tax Form Exceptions Report
Running the Invalid Address Information Report (US)
Over Limit Report
Running the Over Limit Report
Electronic Media State Quarterly/Monthly Wage Listings
Multiple Worksite Reporting
Entering S Record Data for Employees
Managing the State Quarterly Wage Listings Process
Running the State Quarterly Wage Listing (Enhanced) Process
Listing Assignments with Negative Balances
Changing a State Quarterly Wage Listing (Enhanced) Report
Running the State Monthly Wage Listing Process
Entering Multiple Worksite Report Parent Entity Data
Setting Up and Running the Multiple Worksite Report
Submitting the Multiple Worksite Report
Rolling Back the Multiple Worksite Report
Resubmitting the Multiple Worksite Report
Running the Rollback US SQWL/SMWL Process
Quarterly Federal Tax Returns
Reporting Quarterly Federal Tax Returns
GRE Totals Reporting
Running the GRE Totals Report
Federal and State Tax Remittance Report
Running a Federal and State Tax Remittance Report
Local Tax Remittance Reporting
Running a Local Tax Remittance Report
Employee Run Results Report
Entering Information for the PSD Periodic Wage Listing Report Process
Running the PSD Periodic Wage Listing Report Process
Running the PSD Code Upgrade Process
Payroll Register Report
Running the Payroll Register Request Set
Payroll Activity Report
Running the Payroll Activity Request Set
Year End Pre-Process
Out of Balance Conditions in State and Federal W-2 Reports
Managing the Year End Pre-Process
Identifying Missing Employees to Add to the Year End Preprocess
Verifying Employee Federal and State Balances
Post-Archive Reports
Year End Negative Balances Report
Year End Archive Missing Assignments Report
Adding Assignment Actions To The Year End Pre-Process
Running the Year End Negative Balances Report
Running the Year End Archive Missing Assignments Report
Running the Add Assignment Actions To The Year End Pre-Process Process
Reporting Retirement Income Distributions
Form 1099-R Box Information
Form 1099-R Distribution Codes
Defining 1099-R Reporting Rules
Paper 1099-R Requirements
1099-R Register Reporting
1099R Exception Register
Reporting Multiple Distribution Codes for a Retiree
Running the Federal 1099R Magnetic Report
Running a State 1099R Magnetic Report
Generating Paper 1099-Rs for Individual Employees
Running the 1099R Information Return Report
Running the 1099R Register Report
Running the 1099R Exception Register Report
Year End 1099R Employer Re-Archive
Federal and State Magnetic W-2 Reporting
State Paper W-2 Reporting
Local Magnetic W-2 Reporting
Local Year End Interface Extract
Taxation of Group Term Life Insurance Coverage
Elective Deductions for Returning Veterans (USERRA Compliance)
Employee Verification Service
Pennsylvania Employee SUI Reporting on W-2
Employee Paper W-2s
Employee Online W-2s
Outsourcing the Printing of Employee W-2s
Agent 2678 Filer Support
Form W-2 Box Information
Balances for W-2 Box 12
Balances for W-2 Box 14
W2 Register Reporting
W2 Exception Register Reporting
Setting Up Custom BI Publisher Templates for Payroll
Setting Up an Agent 2678 Filer for W-2 Reporting
Populating Box 12 with Taxes Due for Group Term Life Insurance
Feeding Balances for W-2 Box 13 and Box 14
Populating Box 14 with Additional Information
Setting up Elective Deductions for Returning Veterans (USERRA Compliance)
Identifying a GRE
Defining the New Jersey Disability Insurance Private Plan ID
Defining the New Jersey Family Leave Insurance Private Plan ID
Allocating the New Jersey Annual $3 Employee Fee
Adding Maryland State Retirement Fund Contributions
Verifying Employee Names and Social Security Numbers
Running a Federal Magnetic W2 Report for Employers
Running a State Magnetic W-2 Report for Employers
Running a State Paper W-2 Report for Employers
Running a Local Magnetic W-2 Report for Employers
Running the Local Year End Interface Extract
Running a Federal Paper W-2 PDF for Employees
Exporting a Federal W-2 Report for Employees in XML Format
Running a Puerto Rico W2 Request Set for Employees
Year End Employer Re-Archive
Rolling Back a Magnetic Report
Retrying a Magnetic Report
Running the W2 Register Report
Running the W2 Exception Register Report
W-2c Pre-Process
Paper W-2c Reporting
Mark Paper W-2c and Exclude From Future Tapes
Federal W-2c Magnetic Media
Running the W-2c Pre-Process
Running the W-2c Report
Running the Mark Paper W-2c and Exclude From Future Tapes Request Set
Running the Federal W-2c Magnetic Media Process
Running the Employee W-2c PDF Process
Printing Reports Using the PASTA Printer Driver
Viewing Archived Data
Producing Magnetic Tapes
Payroll Federal Tax Archive Summary (US)
Payroll State Tax Archive Summary (US)
Payroll Local Tax Archive Summary (US)
HRMS - Payroll Costing Summary (US)

Payroll Processing and Analysis

Payroll Processing and Analysis Overview
Payroll Processing and Analysis
Process Part of a Payroll
Continuous Calculation
Event Group Qualification
Payroll Process Workflow
Using the Payroll Process Workflow
Starting a Payroll Run
Setting Up Continuous Calculation
Running the Continuous Calculation Process
Running QuickPay
Running the Generate Run Balances Process
Performing Run Balance Diagnostics
Adjusting Run Balances
Changes to Earnings or Deductions Before a Run
Reviewing Earnings and Deductions Balances
Entering One-Time Changes Before a Run
Assigning an Overtime Period to an Employee
Defining an Overtime Period
Employees Not Paid Request Set
Managing the Payroll Archive
Running the Periodic Tax Filing Interface
Listing Assignments Not Picked Up by a Payroll Run
Earnings Audit
NACHA Process
NACHA Report
Setting up the TIAA CREF OPS Layout
Running the TIAA-CREF OPS Layout Report
Running the Payments Register Reports
Listing Voided Payments
Calculating Alien Retroactive Benefits
Calculating Alien Retroactive Benefits Losses
Post-Processing for a Payroll
Data Locks for Payroll Processes
Deductions Reporting
Running Post-Run Processes for QuickPay
Viewing Payroll Process Results
Printing the Payslip
Deposit Advice (XML) Process
Running the PrePayments Process
Running the Check Writer (XML) Process
Running the Third Party Check Writer (XML) Process
Running the Void Cheque/Check Payments Process
Reissuing a Voided Cheque/Check
Reissuing Voided Checks with a Different Check Date
Running the Void Payments Report
Running the Payroll Cheque/Check Payment Report
Viewing Non-Tax Deductions
Making External/Manual Payments
Overview of RetroPay Processing
RetroPay Processes Available in Oracle Payroll
When to Run the RetroPay Process
Troubleshooting RetroPay
Setting Up Retro-Notification and RetroPay
Setting Up the Retro-Notifications Report
Setting Up RetroPay by Element
Setting Up RetroPay by Run and RetroPay (by Aggregate)
Setting Up Enhanced RetroPay with Component Usages and Element Time Spans
Setting Up Overlapping RetroPay Using Balance Adjustments
Understanding the Sequence of Your RetroPay Activities
Viewing RetroPay Status and History
Running the Retro-Notifications Report
Running the Retro-Notifications Report (Enhanced and Enhanced PDF)
Running Enhanced RetroPay
Running RetroPay by Element
Running RetroPay by Run or by Aggregate
Running Quick RetroPay
Payroll Exception Reporting: Overview
Examples of Exception Report Setup
Running the Payroll Message Report
Reconciling Payments
Setting Up Exception Reports
Grouping Exception Reports
Running an Exception Report, or Exception Report Group
Correction of Run Results: Rollbacks
Correction of Run Results: Retries
Correction of Run Results: Reversals
Marking and Retrying Payroll Runs and Other Processes
Marking a Group of Employee Assignments for Retry
Correcting Run Results: Reversals
Running the Batch Reversals Process
Retrying a Payroll Run or Other Payroll Process
Rolling Back Payroll Runs and Other Processes
Rolling Back a Process from the Payroll Processes Window
Rolling Back a Process from the Submit Requests Window
Rolling Back a Process from the Assignment Processes Window
Setting Up the Payroll Purge Process
Running the Upgrade Action Contexts Process
Running the Purge Preparation Phase
Running the Purge Deletion Phase
Running the Purge Process Events Process
Costing Detail Workbook
Costing Summary Workbook
Element Detail Workbook
Element Link Detail Workbook
Employee Assignments Without Payroll Workbook
Employee Assignments Not Processed Workbook
Employee Payment Methods Workbook
Organization Payment Methods Workbook
Payroll Message Workbook

Payroll Event Rules

Payroll Event Rules Overview
Payroll Event Rules
Database Triggers
Process Parameters
Defining Dynamic Triggers
Grouping Dynamic Triggers into Legislative Functional Areas
Making Table Event Updates
Maintaining Parameters and Parameter Groups for Payroll Processes

HRMS Glossary