Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Grid Engine Provisioning and Monitoring Guide

Checking Scheduling Policies

With the Job Allocation View tab, you can see information about the factors that constitute scheduling policies that contribute to the dispatch priority that a job enjoys. You can use this view to determine whether your priority policies are actually in effect and to troubleshoot the components that determine an job's overall priority in the queue.

A job's priority is determined based on three policies:

The first part of the equation, Tickets, tells you the calculations that the scheduler is making in order to implement the entitlement-oriented scheduling policy that has been configured. Tickets provide a window into the inner logical workings of the scheduler. This feature helps you to verify that whatever policy you wanted is in fact being obeyed. It also provides you with a means for diagnosing any problems or unexpected behavior you might be seeing.

From a high level, the number of tickets assigned to a job is directly proportional to the job's entitlement. The higher the number, the greater the entitlement. Jobs with a large entitlement often have a high priority, however, the overall priority is affected by the other two aspects as well unless you have deliberately turned off the urgency and custom policies In that case, only the entitlement ("tickets") policy is active.

The second part of the priority equation is Custom (also called POSIX) priority. An administrator can use this value to arbitrarily increase the priority of certain jobs.

The third part of the priority equation, Urgency, accounts for only the job's individual characteristics, not its owner. The urgency value is derived from the sum of three contributions: the deadline contribution, the wait-time contribution, and the resource requirement contribution.

For more detailed information on N1GE scheduling policies and dispatch priority, see the sge_priority man page and Scheduler Policies for Job Prioritization in the Sun N1 Grid Engine 6 System (

Figure 5–3 Job Allocation View Tab

This tab shows you the resources
allocated for a job.

The Job Allocation View page displays the following information:

Note –

You can see the normalized values for Tickets, POSIX, and Urgency using the Job Utilization View tab.

For more information on the meaning of each column, see the qmon man page.