Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Grid Engine Provisioning and Monitoring Guide

ProcedureTo Load N1GE Onto Managed Servers

  1. Access the N1SM CLI (see Accessing the N1SM CLI).

  2. Use the load server command to install N1GE on one or several managed servers. This is the command syntax:

    load server server[,server...] applicationprofile applicationprofile type GridEngine hosttype [hosttype]

    The management name of a server.


    The name of the N1GE application profile that you want to load.


    The type of application that the profile belongs to; in this case, GridEngine.


    The type of N1 Grid Engine host to install. Valid values are compute (also known as execution host), submit (also known as an access host), and master.

Example 2–8 Loading N1GE on a Master Host

N1-ok>load server MyMasterHost applicationprofile N1GE6_U4_profile 
type GridEngine hosttype master