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Sun Fire X4800 Server Product Notes     Sun Fire X4800 Server Documentation
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Overview of the Sun Fire X4800 Server Product Notes

Supported Software and Firmware

Hardware Issues

Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System Issues

Linux Issues

Oracle VM Issues

Windows Operating System Issues

ESX Issues

Oracle ILOM Enhancements and Issues

Oracle ILOM Enhancement Allows IPv4 Only, IPv6 Only, or Dual Stack

New Procedures for Updating CPLD (CR 7043418)

Update Oracle ILOM and BIOS Firmware Before Updating Other Device Firmware (CR 6537282)

Use the Locate Button to Prove Physical Presence (CR 6881237)

NEM Expander Firmware Update Procedure (CR 6979140)

Workaround 1 Using Oracle ILOM Web GUI

Workaround 2 Using Oracle ILOM CLI

Network Management Port 1 Does Not Work (CR 6935471 and 6854694)

start /SYS and stop /SYS Commands Cause Power Button Pressed Event In Log (CR 6906176)

Event Log Messages Might Be Out of Sequence and Duplicated (CR 6915976)

Incorrect Error Message in Event Log After Restore When Serial Console or javaRconsole Session Are Open (CR 6917474)


Allocated Power Figures are Incomplete (CR 6931837)

(Fixed in SW 1.1) LDAP Account Cannot Be Used to Start Console (CR 6969473)


(Fixed in SW 1.1) Power Cycling the Host Using the Web Interface Generates an Error (CR 6909374)

(Fixed in SW 1.1) DIMM Mismatch Fault Not Cleared After DIMM Replacement and Host Power Cycle (CR 6972285)


(Fixed in SW 1.0.1) Console Redirect with from CLI Fails (CR 6939479)


(Fixed in SW 1.0.1) Oracle ILOM Only Allows One Console Session (CR 6895423)

(Fixed in SW 1.0.1) Faults Disappear after SP Reset (CR 6928998)


(Fixed in SW 1.0.1) Clearing a PSU Fault Erases Other Fault Information (CR 6933348 and CR 6939306)


(Fixed in SW 1.0.1) pciflash Is Not Available (CR 6867060 and CR 6904922)


Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant Issues

BIOS Issues

(Fixed in SW 1.0.1) Faults Disappear after SP Reset (CR 6928998)

Resetting the SP clears information about faults, but does not remove the actual faults.