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Sun Fire X4800 Server Product Notes
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Change History

Overview of the Sun Fire X4800 Server Product Notes

Supported Software and Firmware

Firmware Upgrade Required for SG(X)-SAS6-R-REM-Z REM

NEM Expander Firmware Upgrade Required

Supported Operating Systems

Additional Software

Sun Java Enterprise System

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center

MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM)

SunVTS Bootable Diagnostics CD-ROM

Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (Oracle ILOM)

Documentation Errata

Hardware Issues

Update SP Firmware After Replacing a CMOD or SP Module (15465497)

MegaCLI CfgEachDskRaid0 Command Does Not Work Correctly (CR 7121867)

DIMM Mismatch on Odd Numbered Pairs Results in DDR Training Failed on Entire Branch (CR7101624 and CR7111545)

If DIMM Failure Causes Branch Failure, Oracle ILOM Might Not Identify Them as Faulty (CR7099038 and CR7111543)

When Inserting a CMOD, Simultaneously Rotate Handles Until They Touch the Chassis

Video Output of CMM Is Distorted or Missing

SATA Drives Not Accessible Through NEM1 (CR 7003993)

Supported Rack Mounting Configuration

DIMM Population Rules

Locking Screws Secure Shelf Rails to Rear Mounting Brackets

Message About Missing Disks After Failed Boot (CR 6939507)

System Does Not Power Up After Power Cycling (CR 6950414)

System Does Not Recognize DIMM Due to SPD Corruption (CR 6946921)

Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System Issues

Solaris 10 Operating System Overview

System Panics During Solaris 10 10/09 OS Installation When Solaris Attempts to Boot (CR 6880963)

Workaround 1 (Recommended)

Workaround 2

System Panics or Hangs During Solaris OS Installation (CR 6920274)

Messages Complain of Failure to Allocate I/O Resources (CR 6984329)


Patch Required for Solaris FMA

Workaround 1

Workaround 2

Solaris MSI Interrupts Are Depleted (CR 6669984 )

Workaround 1

Workaround 2

System Might Panic With "unowned mutex" Message (CR 6893274)

Hotplugging PCIe Express Modules in Slots 2.0 or 2.1 Might Not Work (CR 6954869)


A System With a Combo GbE/8Gb FC Express Module HBA Might Get a BAD TRAP Panic (CR 6942158)


Linux Issues

False MCE Errors Appear in /var/log/mcelog (CR 7104293)

I/O Does Not Work On SLES11 SP1 with XEN (CR 6965290 and CR7110443)

RHEL6 Kdump Runs Out of Memory (CR 7000993 and CR 7000942)

SLES11 SP1 Does Not Produce A Kdump File After A Crash (CR7001706)

SLES11 Fails to Install On Systems Equipped with 6-Core CMODs (CR 7024769)

Messages Complain of Failure to Allocate I/O Resources (CR 6984329)

Xen Profiler Not Supported in Oracle Linux 5.5 (CR 6839366)

Oracle Linux 5.5 Does Not Support CPU Throttling (CR 6847286)

InfiniBand PCIe Module Does Not Function Correctly With SLES 11 (CR 6909512, CR 6921163)

Bug in Kernel Causes Incorrect MSI Processing (CR 6921163)

LEDs on PCIe ExpressModule Work Incorrectly with Oracle Linux 5.5 (CR 6894954)

Oracle Linux 5.5 Xen Kernel Hangs Due to Long Timeout (CR 6899040)

Oracle Linux 5.5 Issues Xen Warning: Domain attempted WRMSR 0000000000000277 (CR 6902715)

10GbE PCIe Card in 8-Socket System with SLES11 Can Cause Kernel to Crash (CR 6912821)

SLES11 with Xen Hangs When Many PCIe ExpressModule Cards Are Installed (CR 6917397)

Oracle VM Issues

Messages Complain of Failure to Allocate I/O Resources (CR 6984329)

Oracle VM 2.2.1 Might Panic Due To Hotplug Removal (CR 6949344)

Oracle VM Only Supports 64 Logical CPUs (CR 6915014)

Oracle VM Server Installation Parameters Required on Sun Fire X4800 (CR 7094126)

Windows Operating System Issues

Unspecified CPU Fault After Warm Reset (CR 7054657)

Hot Plugging of Some PCIe ExpressModules Not Supported by Windows Server 2008 R2 (CR 6914898, CR 6793369, CR 6923132)

PXE Installation of Windows Server 2008 R2 Fails at Authentication (CR 6899582)

Messages Complain of Failure to Allocate I/O Resources (CR 6984329)

Windows 2008 Can Not Be Installed to Combo GbE/8Gb FC ExpressModule HBA Disks (CR 6984746)

Hot Insert of PCIe ExpressModules Is Not Supported by Windows 2008

ESX Issues

Messages Complain of Failure to Allocate I/O Resources (CR 6984329)

Option Cards Can Fail to Load Device Drivers in Some Configurations (CR 6933436)

Warning Messages Appear During Bootup and in Log Files (CRs 6862766, 6861903, and 6890263)

Oracle ILOM Issues

New Procedures for Updating CPLD (CR 7043418)

Update Oracle ILOM and BIOS Firmware Before Updating Other Device Firmware (CR 6537282)

Use the Locate Button to Prove Physical Presence (CR 6881237)

NEM Expander Firmware Update Procedure (CR 6979140)

Network Management Port 1 Does Not Work (CR 6935471 and 6854694)

start /SYS and stop /SYS Commands Cause Power Button Pressed Event In Log (CR 6906176)

Event Log Messages Might Be Out of Sequence and Duplicated (CR 6915976)

Incorrect Error Message in Event Log After Restore When Serial Console or javaRconsole Session Are Open (CR 6917474)

Allocated Power Figures are Incomplete (CR 6931837)

(Fixed in SW1.1) LDAP Account Cannot Be Used to Start Console (CR 6969473)

(Fixed in SW1.1) Power Cycling the Host Using the Web Interface Generates an Error (CR 6909374)

(Fixed in SW1.1) DIMM Mismatch Fault Not Cleared After DIMM Replacement and Host Power Cycle (CR 6972285)

(Fixed in SW1.0.1) Console Redirect with from CLI Fails (CR 6939479)

(Fixed in SW1.0.1) Oracle ILOM Only Allows One Console Session (CR 6895423)

(Fixed in SW1.0.1) Faults Disappear after SP Reset (CR 6928998)

(Fixed in SW1.0.1) Clearing a PSU Fault Erases Other Fault Information (CR 6933348 and CR 6939306)

(Fixed in SW1.0.1) pciflash Is Not Available (CR 6867060 and CR 6904922)

Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant Issues

Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant Image Does Not Boot On a System With More Than 512Gb of Memory (CR 6972927)

BIOS Issues

Auto Boot Host On Power Loss Control Is Deactivated

Update Oracle ILOM and BIOS Firmware Before Updating Other Devices' Firmware (CR 6537282)

Hotplugging PCIe EM Card Fails When Replacing the Original Card With One of a Different Type (CR 7003634)

Messages Complain of Failure to Allocate I/O Resources (CR 6984329)

DIMM Failure Causes Other DIMMs To Be Disabled (CR 6929978)

System Panics or Hangs During Solaris OS Installation (CR 6920274)

If you try to do a network install using a 32–bit version of the Solaris OS on the Sun Fire X4800 server, it might fail. It might panic or hang during installation.

32–bit versions of the Solaris OS are not supported. When you install the Solaris OS from a PXE server, the netboot environment must be configured to use the 64–bit kernel.

When a 32–bit install environment is used, it displays a message similar to the following:

SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic 141445-09 32-bit
Copyright 1983-2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved

You can fix this by changing the PXE boot menu to include amd64 on the kernel and module lines.

The following displays show examples of the lines before and after this change. The lines have been wrapped to make the display fit the page.