Release Notes

Sun ONE Directory Proxy Server Release Notes

Version 5.2


Updated June, 2003

These release notes contain important information available at the time of the version 5.2 release of Sun ONE Directory Proxy Server. New features and enhancements, installation notes, known problems, and other late-breaking issues are addressed here. Familiarity with iPlanet Directory Access Router 5.0[sp1] is assumed. Read these release notes before you begin using Sun ONE Directory Proxy Server 5.2.

An electronic version of these release notes can be found at the Sun ONE documentation web site: Check the web site prior to installing and setting up your software and then periodically thereafter to view the most up-to-date release notes and manuals.

These release notes contain the following sections:

Revision History


Description of changes

June 13, 2003

Initial release of these release notes

What's New in Directory Proxy Server, Version 5.2

Supported Platforms

Sun ONE Directory Proxy Server is available on the following platforms:

Specific operating system patches or service packs may need to be installed before Directory Server 5.2 can be installed. For further information, refer to the Sun ONE Directory Server Installation and Tuning Guide. You can obtain Solaris patches from

Accessing Product Documentation

The online documentation files are contained on the product CD and can be accessed via a browser. In addition, you can download the entire documentation set, in HTML format.

Once you have downloaded this file, extract it to the following location:


The documentation set can then be accessed from:


or from the Directory Proxy Server Console, by selecting Documentation Home from the Help menu.

Installation Notes

Note the following:

Configuring Directory Proxy Server For SSL/Certificates

Chapter 5, "Configuring System Parameters" and Chapter 11, "Configuring Security" of the Directory Proxy Server Administrator's Guide document how to set up Directory Proxy Server for SSL-enabled communication. See Appendix A in the Sun ONE Directory Proxy Server Installation Guide for information on migrating from earlier versions.

Installation Log Files

This section describes the locations of registry and installation log files for various platforms.

Installers generate log and registry files in the following locations:


Product Registry  

Log (administrator/root)  

Log (User)  





Linux for Sun 








RedHat Linux 




Known Problems and Limitations

This section lists known problems and provides workarounds for some of the problems that you may encounter with the product. Numbers enclosed within square brackets, for example, [4756553], are bug numbers. Bug numbers are useful when discussing issues with Technical Support or Professional Services. This section contains:



UI (Console Interface)


Resolved Bugs

This section contains the list of bugs that have been resolved in this release of Directory Proxy Server version 5.2:

Bug Number  



GUI: Attribute renaming doesn't update properly 


issue to set correctly the "SSL/TLS Version" with the console 


The size of the log file is limited to 2GB 


Trying anonymous access when forbidden returns LDAP_OPERATIONS_ERROR 


Renaming attributes works partially 


GUI: the "Maximum Refcount" is never updated 


add BelongsTo attribute to all Configuration Directory objects 


Attribute names need to be US ascii 


Unbounded memory growth when a slopw client downloads large numbers of entries 


Attribute ids-proxy-can-allow-null-in-sadl missing from schema files 


Install logs must not reveal clear text passwords 


Change groups does not correctly update group connection statistics 


Console will not start on server roots with embedded spaces in their path names. 

Unresolved Bugs

This section contains the list of unresolved issues that may still be observed in Directory Proxy Server 5.2.

Bug Number



Cannot reinstall if setup is interrupted - if the installation is interrupted very late, it is possible that it will fail but the registry will be updated, thereby precluding a reinstall. Workaround is to run the uninstaller, which will back out any registry changes, before attempting a reinstall.


Cannot communicate with a local host client on a Windows machine while reverse-lookup is on.


When you start Directory Proxy Server, you receive the message Sun ONE Directory Proxy Server started. It doesn't mean that Directory Proxy Server is listening on the network. Specially if the SSL mode is activated, you'll be asked to provide the token/password to start SSL after this message was displayed.


If multiple instances of Directory Proxy Server are installed in the same server root, uninstaller is only capable to remove the last one. Furthermore, the uninstaller is removed and prevents to have a way to automatically remove the other (left) instances. User has to remove manually. Note, this occurs only on Solaris, non root installations.


Stopping installation uninstalls components multiple times during clean up.


Wrong web server requested to display on-line help


Cannot rename an object with previously used id


LogProperty panel problem


Directory Proxy Server topology configurations do not display help under certain conditions.

How to Report Problems and Provide Feedback

If you have problems with Directory Proxy Server version 5.2, contact Sun ONE customer support using one of the following mechanisms:

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For More Information

Useful Sun ONE information can be found at the following Internet locations:

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