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This page contains links to the documentation for the Sun Studio 12 software.

Sun Studio Documentation by Component


Sun Studio 12 Quick Installation for English-Only Release (6/07)

Sun Studio 12 Quick Installation (English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese) for Multi-Language Release (9/07)

Guides to installing and uninstalling Sun Studio software that covers most situations.

Sun Studio 12 Installation Reference Guide for English-Only Release (6/07)

Sun Studio 12 Installation Reference Guide (English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese)for Multi-Language Release (9/07)

Detailed reference guides for installing Sun Studio software and troubleshooting installation and uninstallation problems. Includes package lists, patch lists, and version information.

Sun Studio 12: Upgrading from English-Only (6/07) to Multi-Language (9/07)

Instructions for upgrading to the 9/07 release, which contains patches, optimization enhancements, and additional languages.

Getting Started

Sun Studio 12 Quick Start Guide

A short tutorial that takes you through some of the basic steps of developing a C, C++, or Fortran application using the Sun Studio 12 IDE.

Getting Started with Sun Studio 12

A technical article for developers and users new to Sun Studio software. The article provides an introduction to Sun Studio software and its various features with links to the corresponding user guides and programming guides.

What's New

Sun Studio 12: What’s New

Describes the new features in this release.

Release Notes

Sun Studio 12 Release Notes for English-Only Release (6/07)

Sun Studio 12 Release Notes (English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese) for Multi-Language Release (9/07)

Contain the most up-to-date information about the following:

  • System requirements

  • Disk space requirements

  • Patch requirements

  • Installation issues

  • Documentation for this release and how to access it

  • Problems and workarounds that are not covered in the readmes

  • Latest information about Sun Studio patches


Sun Studio 12 Readmes

Readme documents for each of the components of the Sun Studio software. Each Readme describes any software corrections, known problems, limitations, and incompatibilities of the release for the associated component.

Man Pages

Sun Studio Man Pages

Online manual pages that describe the following topics:

  • User commands

  • Library interfaces and functions

  • System calls

  • File formats

Man pages contain syntax, usage, pointers to related commands or interfaces, and additional reference material.

Compiler Manuals


Sun Studio 12: C User’s Guide

Describes the Sun Studio C compiler, the incremental link editor, and the lint program (which you can use to examine your code).


Sun Studio 12: C++ User’s Guide

Explains how to use the Sun Studio C++ compiler and provides detailed information on command-line compiler options, including defaults, macro expansions, examples, interactions with other options, and warnings.

Sun Studio 12: C++ Migration Guide

Explains what you need to know to migrate source code written for the 4.0, 4.01, 4.1, or 4.2 versions of the Sun Studio C++ compiler. Also addresses migration from C to C++.

Sun Studio 12: C++ Interval Arithmetic Programming Reference

Documents the C++ interface to the C++ interval arithmetic library provided with the Sun C++ compilers.


Sun Studio 12: Fortran User’s Guide

Describes the compile-time environment and command-line options for the Sun Studio Fortran compiler, f95

Sun Studio 12: Fortran Programming Guide

Presents the essential information programmers need to develop efficient applications using the Sun Studio Fortran compiler, f95.

Sun Studio 12: Fortran Library Reference

Describes the routines in the Sun Studio 12 Fortran libraries.

Sun Studio 12: Fortran 95 Interval Arithmetic Programming Reference (SPARC platform only)

Documents the intrinsic INTERVAL data types in the Sun Fortran 95 compiler (f95).

All Compiler Options

Sun Studio Compiler Options

Provides links to lists of Sun Studio 12 compiler options that are organized either by programming language or by functional task.

Libraries and Tools Manuals


Sun Studio 12: Debugging a Program With dbx

Intended for programmers who want to debug an application using the dbx command-line debugging tool.

Build Software

Sun Studio 12: Distributed Make (dmake)

Describes the Sun Studio 12 dmake command.

Math Libraries

Sun Studio 12: Numerical Computation Guide

Describes the floating-point environment supported by software and hardware on SPARC. and x86 platforms running the Solaris operating environment.


Sun Studio 12: OpenMP API User’s Guide

Summarizes the OpenMP directives and pragmas that are accepted by the compilers, implementation details, and guidelines for converting legacy Sun parallelization directives to OpenMP.

Performance Analyzer

Sun Studio 12: Performance Analyzer

Describes the Sun Studio tools that are available for analyzing program performance. The book explains how to collect performance data and analyze the data using either the Performance Analyzer GUI or the command-line interface.

Sun Performance Library

Sun Studio 12: Sun Performance Library User’s Guide

Describes how to use the Sun-specific extensions and features included with the Sun Performance Library routines. The Sun Performance Library is a set of optimized, high-speed mathematical subroutines that are used to solve linear algebra problems and other numerically intensive problems.

This reference manual is the Sun Performance Library section 3P man pages.

Standard C++ Library

Standard C++ Class Library Reference

An alphabetical listing of the C++ classes in the Standard C++ Library.

Standard C++ Library User’s Guide

Describes how to use all of the Standard C++ Library. This manual is divided into two volumes: a General User's Guide, and a Locales and Iostreams User's Guide.

Thread Analyzer

Sun Studio 12: Thread Analyzer User’s Guide

Describes how to use the Thread Analyzer tool for detecting data races and deadlocks in threaded programs.

Tools.h++ Class Library

Tools.h++ User’s Guide

Gives information on how to write programs using the Tools.h++ class library.

Tools.h++ Class Library Reference

Describes all the classes and functions in Tools.h++. It does not provide a tutorial on how to program with the Tools.h++ class library.

X-Designer GUI Builder

X-Designer User’s Guide

Describes how to use the X-Designer GUI builder.

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