Sun Management Center 4.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Deploying Sun Fire Platform Agents on a Server Layer Host

The hardware sizing requirements of a host system running the Sun Management Center server layer are a function of the number of platform agents managed by the server layer and the management activity in the system.

Only large multiple-CPU systems should be considered for running both the Sun Management Center server layer and Sun Fire platform agents. The deployment of platform agents on a server layer host with limited capacity can adversely affect the overall performance of Sun Management Center.

Assuming a moderate level of management activity of fewer than 1000 events per host per day, the maximum number of platform agents than can be deployed on a Sun Management Center server layer host is the function of the number of agents under management and the machine class. The following table lists typical system capacity.

Table C–10 Server Layer Host: Sun Fire Platform Agent Capacity

Number of Agents Under Management 

Maximum Number of Platform Agents 






Sun Fire 280R denotes a Sun Fire 280R, a Sun Blade 1000, or a Netra T4 system with a dual 750 MHz UltraSPARC III server host with 1 Gbyte of RAM and 1 Gbyte of swap.

For Sun Fire Sun Management Center installation procedures, see Sun Management Center Software Supplement for Sun Fire 6800/4810/4800/3800 Systems.