Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference


Contains a list of objects that contain information about the roles assigned to this user.

Table 3–6 waveset.roleInfos Attributes




(Boolean) Specifies whether approval is required for this optional role. If the value of directlyAssigned is false, and assignmentType is optional, this value determines if approval is required for this optional role or not


Identifies which role assigned to the user contains this role. If directlyAssigned is false, this value is the name of the directly assigned role or roles that resulted in this role being assigned


Specifies how the indirect role is assigned. If directlyAssigned is false, this value will be either required, conditional, or optional.


(Boolean) Specifies whether the role is directly assigned to the user. 


Maps the name/date entries that define events to be processed for this role (for example, activation date and deactivation date). 

  • name -- allowed values include:activate and deactivate. activate indicates when to provision this role. deactivate indicates when to deprovision this role.

  • date -- Date for associated event.


(Object) Contains role information that should not appear when determining user-role assignment changes. This object can have the following attributes: 

* typeDisplayName - role type display name / message key 

* description - user-provided description of the role 


Specifies the role name 


Specifies the role type as defined in the Role Configuration object. Valid types include BusinessRole, ITRole, Application Role, Asset Role. 


Specifies role assignment state. Valid values include assigned or pendingActivationDate. You can define additional custom states.