Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Policy Values

Values of policy settings are always policy values. Policy values can contain up to three components, as described in the following table.

Table 3–44 Policy Value Settings Attributes (ReconcilePolicy View)

Policy Value Settings  



Specifies the value of the setting. 


Identifies the scope from which this setting is derived. Values of scope include Local, ResType, and Default, indicating which level is specifying this policy. For example, a value of SCOPE_LOCAL indicates the value is set at the current policy level. 

SCOPE_LOCAL -- Policy is set at the resource level or current policy level 

SCOPE_RESTYPE -- Policy is set at the restype, or resource type, level 

SCOPE_GLOBAL. -- Policy is set at the global level 


Identifies the policy setting that is inherited at this level. If the scope is not Local, the inheritance will match the effective value. Not present on policy settings at the Default level.