Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference


The introductory section lists the versions of the resource supported by the adapter. Other versions might be supported, but they have not been tested.

This section also lists the adapter’s Java class name. The class name is always used for tracing. In addition, if the resource is a custom resource, the class name must be specified on the Configure Managed Resources page. See Identity Manager Installation Notes for more information about custom resources.

Some resources have multiple adapters. For example, Identity Manager provides adapters for Windows Active Directory and Windows Active Directory ActiveSync. In these cases, a table similar to the following is listed in the introductory section:

GUI Name  

Class Name  

Windows 2000 / Active Directory 


Windows 2000 / Active Directory ActiveSync 


The GUI name is displayed on the drop-down menu on the Resources page. Once the resource has been added to Identity Manager, this name is also displayed in the resource browser.