Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Resource Object Management

The SmartRoles adapter supports listing objects only, and it supports the following object types:

When listing objects, you can specify the following options in the option Map:

Option Name  




Determines the context in which to perform the search. Use this option only if you are using a searchScope other than subTree to list organizations.

If you do not specify this option, top-level organizations are listed. Otherwise, you must use the name of an organization from which to start the search. 



Specifies whether to search the current object within the context of the specified searchContext only or in all subcontexts within the specified searchContext.

Valid values are 

  • object

  • oneLevel

  • subTree (default)

    This option is ignored for all object types except organizations.



Specifies a Map containing a set of key/value pairs that are used to filter the list of objects returned. These objects will have attributes with values that match corresponding values in the Map. 

If you do not specify this option, the adapter returns all objects of the specified type. 



Specifies a list of objectType-specific attribute names to get per object.