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Sun Java System Portal Server 6 2004Q2 Desktop Customization Guide 


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Chapter 1   Introduction to Customizing the Desktop
Types of Desktop Customizations
End User Customizations
Developer Customizations
Administrator Customizations
What Are the Areas for Customizing the Desktop?
Using the Display Profile
Display Profile Document Structure
Modifying the Display Profile
Using JavaServer Pages and Template Files
The Desktop and JavaServer Pages
The Desktop and Template Files
JSP and Template Files Lookup Scenario
Deploying JSP or Template Files
Creating Customized Organization JSP and Template Files
Using the Desktop Tag Library
What Is the Sample Portal?
Creating a New Desktop
Developing the Container
Editing the Display Profile
Developing and Deploying JSP or Template Files
Loading the Display Profile at the Appropriate LDAP Nodes
(Optional) Creating a Resource Bundle
Accessing the Desktop
Debugging the Desktop
Creating and Extending a Provider Class

Chapter 2   Display Profile Properties
Overview of Display Profile Properties
Display Profile Properties
Display Profile Property Types
Display Profile Global Properties
Display Profile Container Provider Properties
Available and Selected List
Common Properties for Table Container
Common Properties for Tab Container
Other Container Properties
Display Profile Leaf Provider Properties
Display Profile Properties of Building-Block Providers
Display Profile Properties of Service Providers
Display Profile Properties of Content Providers
Display Profile Common Properties for Leaf Providers
Other Leaf Provider Display Profile Properties
Display Profile Channel Properties

Chapter 3   Understanding the Sample Portal
Overview of the Sample Portal
The Sample Desktop
Guidelines for Using the Sample Portal
Sample Portal Installation Directories
JSP-Based Desktop
Template-based Desktop
Frame-based Desktop

Chapter 4   Internally Used Containers
Chapter 5   Customizing Container Tabs
Adding a Tab to JSPTabContainer
Creating a Tab Within a Tab
Stretching a Tab Across an Entire Container
Changing the Tab Image for JSP-based Tab Containers
Changing the Color of Tabs
Making a Tab the Start Tab
Adding a Role-Based Tab
Adding a Channel to a User-defined Tab

Chapter 6   Customizing Channels
Customizing Channel Refresh Times and Container Caching
Customizing Window Preference
Removing a Button
Changing the Channel Layout for a Table Container
Removing the Title Bar from a Channel
Changing the Channel Border Width
Customizing the Channel Border

Chapter 7   Customizing Instant Messaging
Disabling the User from Editing Instant Messaging Server Information
Automatically Closing the Instant Messaging Invite Window
Customizing Display of Instant Messaging Contacts

Chapter 8   Customizing the Anonymous Desktop
Configuring Anonymous Authentication
Accessing the Anonymous Desktop
Disabling the Initial Identity Server Software Login Page and Always Use Anonymous Log In
Modifying the Anonymous Banner and Menu Bar
Adding the Login Channel to the Anonymous Desktop of a Newly Created Organization
Modifying the Default Desktop (Container) for authlessanonymous User

Chapter 9   Customizing Authentication
Using UNIX Authentication with LoginProvider
Configuring LDAP Authentication for UserInfoProvider

Chapter 10   Modifying the Desktop Layout
Deriving More Desktop Layouts
Changing Content Layout to Support Categorizing the Available and Selected Lists
Customizing Existing JSPs
Writing a New Content Channel
Adding New Layouts
Changing the Desktop Column Layout

Chapter 11   Branding the Desktop
Changing the HTML Title (Title That Appears in the Browser)
Changing the Logo (Image) in the Banner Header
Changing the Header and Footer of the Theme, Content, and Layout Pages

Chapter 12   Changing Desktop Colors
Changing Desktop Colors
Changing the Default Color Scheme for an Organization

Chapter 13   Customizing the Global Themes
What is a Theme?
Customization Overview
GlobalThemes Display Profile Definition
Theme Properties
Glossary of Terms
Adding and Customizing Global Themes

Chapter 14   Customizing the Service Providers
Overview of Customizing the Service Providers
Overview of Customizing the Search Provider
Overview of Customizing the Discussion Provider
Tips for Customizing the Service Providers
Debugging the Service Providers
Location of JavaServer Pages
Modifying JavaServer Pages
Accessing Channels Directly
Customizing the Search Provider
Customizing the Discussion Channels
Customizing DiscussionLite Channel
Customizing Discussions Channel

Chapter 15   Customizing the Desktop End-User Online Help
Overview of the Desktop End-User Online Help
Location of the Desktop End-User Online Help HTML Files
Modifying the Desktop End-User Online Help HTML files
Editing An Existing Help File
Creating a New Help File

Appendix A   Desktop Template Files
Overview of Desktop Templates
Desktop Templates in the default Directory
Desktop Templates in the sampleportal Directory
Miscellaneous Template Information
Dynamic Template Reloading

Appendix B   Desktop Tag Reference
Overview of the Tags
How the Desktop Template Tags Work
Kinds of Tags Used in the Desktop
Provider-Specific Tags
Common Tags

Appendix C   JavaServer Pages Reference
Anonymous Desktop JSPs
FrameTabContainer JSPs
JSPDynamicSingleContainer JSPs
JSPTabContainer JSPs
JSPTableContainer JSPs
PredefinedFrontPageFramePanelContainerProvider JSPs
PredefinedFrontPageTabPanelContainerProvider JSPs
PredefinedSamplesFramePanelContainerProvider JSPs
PredefinedSamplesTabPanelContainerProvider JSPs
Desktop JSPs in the default Directory
DiscussionLite JSPs
Discussions JSP
DiscussionsProvider JSPs
DummyChannel JSPs
IMProvider JSPs
JSPContentContainer JSPs
JSPEditContainer JSPs
JSPFrameCustomTableContainerProvider JSPs
JSPLayoutContainer JSPs
JSPProvider JSPs
JSPSingleContainerProvider JSPs
JSPTabContainerProvider JSPs
JSPTabCustomTableContainerProvider JSPs
JSPTableContainerProvider JSPs
Miscellaneous JSPs
SampleSimpleWebService JSPs
SampleSimpleWebServiceConfigurable JSPs
Search JSPs
SearchProvider JSPs
SimpleWebServiceConfigurableProvider JSPs
SimpleWebServiceProvider JSPs
Subscriptions JSPs
SubscriptionsProvider JSPs
TabJSPEditContainer JSPs
JSPs in the sampleportal Directory
FrameTabContainer JSPs
JSPContentContainer JSPs
JSPCreateChannelContainer JSPs
JSPCustomThemeContainer JSPs
JSPDynamicSingleContainer JSPs
JSPEditContainer JSPs
JSPFrameCustomTableContainerProvider JSPs
JSPLayoutContainer JSPs
JSPPopupContainer JSPs
JSPPresetThemeContainer JSPs
JSPSingleContainer JSPs
JSPTabContainer JSPs
JSPTabCustomTableContainerProvider JSPs
JSPTableContainerProvider JSPs
Miscellaneous JSPs
SampleJSP JSPs
SampleSimpleWebService JSPs
Miscellaneous JSP Information
Performing Redirects
JSP vs. Theme Color
Recompiling JSPs
JavaServer Page Caching Information
Debugging JSPs

Appendix D   JavaServer Pages Tag Library Reference
Tag Library Overview
Desktop Tag Library Hierarchy
Using Tags in JSPs
Using the Desktop Tag Library in Your Application
Example Tab Page with Selected Channels
Tag Overview
Attributes and Return Values
Tag Library Exceptions
Tag Reference
Context Setup Tags
Validator Tags
Normal Tags
Search Tags
Instant Messaging Tags



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