Sun B2B Suite ebXML Protocol Manager User's Guide

Payload1 TransferEncoding


Specifies the transfer encoding, for example, base64, to be used for the payload.

If the message is in a different character format than the one you specify, or if transfer encoding is not specified, the message may become corrupted during data transport. See RFC 2045, Section 6.1, on the following Web site:

If an entity is the type “multipart” the content transfer encoding is not permitted to have any value other than 7bit, 8bit, or binary. See RFC 2045, Section 6.4, on the previous Web site.

The output of base64 encoding confirms to the charset US-ASCII. See RFC 2045, Section 6.2, on the previous Web site.


Valid values are 7bit, 8bit, binary, quoted-printable, base64, ietf-token, and x-token, and the parameter entries are not case-sensitive; not required.