Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for Sun Java System Application Server 8.2/9.0/9.1

J2EE Agent Filter Mode-NONE

This mode of operation effectively disables the agent filter. When operating in this mode, the agent filter allows all requests to pass through. However, if the logging is enabled, the agent filter will still log all the requests that it intercepts.

Note –

This mode is provided to facilitate development and testing efforts in a controlled development or test environment. Do not to use this mode of operation in a production environment at any time.

Although this mode disables the agent filter from taking any action on the incoming requests other than logging, it has no effect on the agent realm that may still be configured in your deployment container and may get invoked by the deployed application if the deployed application has J2EE security policies in its descriptors or uses programmatic security.

With the agent filter disabled, these applications will fail to evaluate the J2EE security policies correctly and as a result the deployed application may malfunction. In order to fully disable the agent, you must therefore ensure that the agent realm is not active. Refer to the section Disabling the Agent Realm to find out how the agent realm can be disabled for your agent installation. Once you have disabled the agent realm and the filter mode is set to NONE, it is functionally equivalent to not having the agent in your system at all.

Note –

When the agent filter is operating in this mode, any declarative J2EE security policy or programmatic J2EE security API calls will return a negative result.