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Sun[TM] Identity Manager Service Provider Edition 8.0 Deployment 


Identity Manager Service Provider Overview
What Is Identity Manager Service Provider?
When Should Identity Manager Service Provider Be Deployed?
Identity Manager Service Provider Features
Differences Between Identity Manager and Service Provider
IDMXUser View
Workflows and Approvals
Authentication and Authorization
Data Loading Mechanisms
User Interface
Implementation Overview
Using the Identity Manager Service Provider REF Kit
Building with the REF Kit
Planning the Identity Manager Service Provider Installation
Determining the Architecture
One-Tier Architecture
Two-Tier Architecture
Planning Delegated Administration
Organization-Based Authorization
Admin Roles
LighthouseContext API
Obtaining a LighthouseContext
Persistent Objects and Views
Persistent Object Identification
Option Maps
LighthouseContext in Service Provider
Object Locks
Persistent Object Queries
User Objects
IDMXUser View
Implementing the IDMXUser View
IDMXUser View Reference
Top-Level Attributes
sys Attributes
objects Attributes
info Attributes
policy Attributes
IDMXUser View Differences
Identity Manager User View
Top-Level Attributes
waveset Attributes
waveset.accounts Attributes
accounts Attributes
accountInfo Attributes
resourceAccounts View
password View
Disable and Enable Views
Rename View
Deprovision View
Other Objects in Service Provider
Service Provider User Forms
End User Form
Administrator User Form
Synchronization User Form
Account and Password Policies
Is Account Locked Rule
Lock Account Rule
Unlock Account Rule
Active Sync User Forms
Correlation Rule
Confirmation Rules
Delete Rule
Link Correlation Rule
Link Confirmation Rule
Workflow Callouts
Delegated Administration
User Search Context Rule
User Search Filter Rule
After Search Filter Rule
Capabilities Per User Rule
Assign To User Rule
Assign To Service Provider User Rule
Identity Manager Service Provider User Interface
Initial Configuration for the Sample User Pages
Sample Service Provider Resource
Sample Service Provider Policy
Mail Notification Settings
Sample Users
Sample User Pages Overview
Login Page
Registration Page
Forgot Username Page
Forgot Password Page
Change Password Page
Change Username Page
Change Notifications Page
Change Challenge Question Answers Page
Logout Page
Implementing Custom User Pages
Authentication and Authorization
Configuring the Filter
Specifying Protected and Public Pages
Integrating with Access Manager
Integrating with Other Access Management Systems
Struts Configuration File
Specifying an Action Path
Specifying an Action Type
Specifying Action Parameters
Viewer Classes
Page Processors
Assigning Navigation Logic
SPEUserPages Configuration Object
Using Apache Struts to Create User Pages
Layout Template
Tiles Definitions
Adding a New Page
Updating the Navigation Bar
Tag Library
Tracing Struts Messages
Changing the Appearance of Service Provider End User Pages
Modifying the Layout
Internationalization and Localization
Localization and Email Templates
Localizing Strings in the Navigation Bars and Page Titles
OperationResult Relay Definition
Error Handling

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