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Sun[TM] Identity Manager 8.0 Deployment Overview 


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Chapter 1   Working with Attributes
Related Chapters
What are Attributes?
Types of Attributes
Using Attribute Conditions
Attribute Condition Operators
Implicitly ANDed
Using Secret Attributes

Chapter 2   Working with Authorization Types
What are Authorization Types?
How Identity Manager Uses Authorization Types
Why Use Authorization Types?
Architectural Features
Configuration:AuthorizationTypes Object
AuthType Element
Authorization Subtype Permissions
Authorization Types and Capabilities
EndUser Capability
Creating an Authorization Type
Assigning an Authorization Type to a Repository
Example: Setting End-User Authorization Types
Example: Using Authorization Types to Restrict Visibility on Resources
Example: Granting Access to a Specific Part of Identity Manager

Chapter 3   Data Loading and Synchronization
Types of Data Loading
Active Sync
Summary of Data Loading Types
Load Operation Context
Managing Reconciliation
Reconciliation Policy
Resource Scheduling
Reconcile Configuration Object
Managing Active Sync
How Active Sync-Enabled Adapters Work
Using Forms

Chapter 4   Dataloading Scenario
Assessing Your Environment
Choosing the First Resource
Choosing the First Data Loading Process
Load from File
Load from Resource
Create Bulk Actions
Preparing for Data Loading
Configuring an Adapter
Setting Account ID and Password Policies
Creating a Data Loading Account
Assigning User Forms
Linking to Accounts on Other Resources
Defining Custom Correlation Keys
Creating Custom Rules
Manually Linking Accounts
Example Scenarios
Active Directory, SecurID, and Solaris
LDAP, PeopleSoft, and Remedy
Expedited Bulk Add Scenario

Chapter 5   Data Exporter
What is Data Exporter?
Exportable Data Types
Data Exporter Architecture
Planning for Data Exporter
Database Considerations
Export Server Considerations
Loading the Default DDL
SQL Server
Customizing Data Exporter
Identity Manager ObjectClass Schema
Export Schema
Modifying the Warehouse Interface Code
Generating a New Factory Class
Adding Localization Support for the WIC
Beans and Other Tools
Model Serialization Limits
Repository Polling Configuration
Tracing and Logging

Chapter 6   Configuring User Actions
Adding Custom Tasks
Setting Up Custom Task Authorization
Adding a Task to the Repository
Configuring User Actions

Chapter 7   Private Labeling of Identity Manager
Private Labeling Tasks
Architectural Features
Style Sheets
Default Text
Text Attributes
Default Style Settings
Customized File
JSP Files File
Customizing Headers
Changing Header Appearance
Customizing Identity Manager Pages
Customizing the Home Page
Changing Default Information Displayed in the Identity Manager User Interface Home Page
Changing the Appearance of the User Interface Navigation Menus
Changing Font Characteristics
Sample Labeling Exercises
Replacing the Identity Manager Logo with a Custom Logo
Changing Masthead Appearance
Changing Navigation Tabs
Changing Tab Panel Tabs
Changing Sorting Table Header
Changing User / Resource Table Component
Changing Identity Manager Behavior on Commonly Used Pages

Chapter 8   Customizing Message Catalogs
Advantages of Custom Message Catalogs
How Identity Manager Retrieves Message Catalog Entries
Message Catalog Format
Creating a Customized Message Catalog

Appendix A   Editing Configuration Objects
Data Storage
Viewing and Editing Configuration Objects
IDM Schema Configuration Object
UserUIConfig Object
RepositoryConfiguration Object
WorkItemTypes Configuration Object
SystemConfiguration Object
Role Configuration Object
End User Tasks Object
Refreshing User Objects

Appendix B   Enabling Internationalization
Architectural Overview
Typical Entry
Enabling Support for Multiple Languages
Step One: Download and Install Localized Files
Step Two: Edit the File
Maintaining ASCII Account IDs and Email Addresses During Anonymous Enrollment Processing


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