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Sun[TM] Identity Manager 8.0 Workflows, Forms, and Views 


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Chapter 1   Workflow
Topics in this Chapter
Related Chapters
Understanding Workflow
What is Workflow?
When is Workflow Used?
Task Definitions and Task Definitions
Workflow Process Components Overview
Workflow Activity
Workflow Action
Default Workflow Processes
Creating Transitions
Updating a Process for Identity Manager Use
Editing a Workflow in Production
Standard Workflows
General Categories of Default Workflows
Customizing a Process
Default Workflow Activities
Workflow Task
Tracking Workflow Progress
Configuring Workflow Properties
Using Workflow Services
Understanding Method Context
Workflow Built-In Variables
General Session Workflow Services Call Structure
Provision Workflow Services
General Provision Workflow Services Call Structure
Supported Provision Workflow Services
Understanding the View Operation Methods
Best Practices
Enabling Workflow Auditing
What Information Is Stored and Where Is It?
Adding Applications

Chapter 2   Identity Manager Forms
Topics in this Chapter
Related Chapters
Understanding Forms
What Are Forms?
Active Sync Forms
ActiveSync User Forms
ActiveSync Form Processing
End-User Forms
End-User Delegation Forms
End User Anonymous Enrollment Forms
Customizing Forms
Overview of Customization
Additional Customization-Related Topics
Editing a Form
Working with Display Elements
Working with Other Display Elements
Calculating Values
Edit User Form
Adding Guidance Help to Your Form
Other Form-Related Tasks
Alternatives to the Default Create and Edit User Forms
Available Scalable Forms
Customizing Tabbed User Form: Moving Password Fields to the Attributes Area
Turning Off Policy Checking
Tracking User Password History
Testing Your Customized Form
Sample Forms and Form Fields
User Form Library
Compliance-Related Forms
Using the FormUtil Methods
FormUtil Class Methods
Understanding Method Context
Invoking Methods
Commonly Invoked Methods
Tips on FormUtil Usage
Tricky Scenarios Using FormUtil Methods
Best Practices
Additional Options

Chapter 3   Identity Manager Views
Topics in this Chapter
Understanding Identity Manager Views
What Is a View?
What is a View Handler?
Views and Forms
Views and Workflow
Account Types and User-Oriented Views
Common Views
Understanding the User View
How the User View Is Integrated with Forms
How the User View Is Integrated with Workflow
Generic Object Class
Path Expressions
Account Types and User-Oriented Views
User View Attributes
accounts Attribute
Deferred Attributes
Account Correlation View
Admin Role View
Change User Answers View
Change User Capabilities View
Delegate WorkItems View
Deprovision View
Disable View
Enable View
Find Objects View
Org View
Common Attributes
Directory Junction and Virtual Organization Attributes
Dynamic Organization Attributes
Password View
Process View
View Options
Checkin View Results
Reconcile View
Reconcile Policy View
Reconciliation Policies and the Reconcile Policy View
View Attributes
Reconcile Status View
Rename User View
Reprovision View
Reset User Password View
Resource View
Top Level Attributes
Resource Object View
Role View
Task Schedule View
Unlock View
User Entitlement View
WorkItem View
Returning Information about All Active Work Items
WorkItem List View
View Options
Setting View Options in Forms
Deferred Attributes
When to Use Deferred Attributes
Using Deferred Attributes
Extending Views
Attribute Registration

Chapter 4   XPRESS Language
Topics in this Chapter
About the XPRESS Language
Prefix Notation
XML Syntax and Example
Integration with Identity Manager
Why Use Expressions?
Working with Expressions
Controlling Field Visibility
Calculating Default Field Values
Deriving Field Values
Generating Field Values
Workflow Transition Conditions
Workflow Actions
Invoking Java Methods from Workflow Actions
Testing Expressions
Value Constructor Expressions
Arithmetic Expressions
Logical Expressions
String Manipulation Expressions
List Manipulation Expressions
Conditional, Iteration, and Block Expressions
Variables and Function Definition Expressions
Object Manipulation Expressions
Java and JavaScript Expressions
Debugging and Testing Expressions
Data Types

Chapter 5   XML Object Language
Topics in this Chapter
Related Chapters
Understanding XML Object Language
XML Object Language and Corresponding XPRESS
Using XML Objects in XPRESS
When to Use XML Object Language Instead of XPRESS
Representing Lists in XML Object Language and XPRESS

Chapter 6   HTML Display Components
Topics in this Chapter
HTML Display Components
What Are HTML Components?
Specifying Display Components
Page Processor Requirements for HTML Components
Component Classes
Basic Component Classes
Container Classes
Component Subclasses
Naming Conventions
Data Types
Base Component Class
Basic Components
Form Mappings
Process Mappings


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