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Sun ONE Web Server 6.1 Programmer's Guide


About This Guide
Who Should Use This Guide
Using the Documentation
How This Guide Is Organized
Documentation Conventions
Product Support

Chapter 1   Technology Overview
Sun ONE Web Server Architecture
Content Engines
Server Extensions
Runtime Environments
Application Services
Configuration Files
Sun ONE Web Server 6.1 APIs
Server-parsed HTML Tags
Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP)
Installing NSAPI Plugins (SAFs)
Access Control API
Registering New Authentication Services
Certificate-Mapping API
API Summary
Changes from Previous Versions
API Changes Since iPlanet Web Server 3.x
API Changes Since iPlanet Web Server 4.0
API Changes Since iPlanet Web Server 4.1
API Changes Since Sun ONE Web Server 6.0

Chapter 2   Server-parsed HTML Tags
Enabling Server-side HTML
Using Server-side HTML Commands
Environment Variables in Server-side HTML Commands
Embedding Servlets
Defining Customized Server-parsed HTML Tags
Define the Functions that Implement the Tag
Write an Initialization Function to Register the New Tag
Load the New Tag into the Server
Time Formats

Chapter 3   Using CGI
Enabling CGI
Specifying CGI Directories
Specifying CGI File Extensions
Creating Custom Execution Environments for CGI Programs (UNIX only)
Specifying a Unique CGI Directory and UNIX User and Group for a Virtual Server
Specifying a Chroot Directory for a Virtual Server
Adding CGI Programs to the Server
Setting the Priority of a CGI Program
Windows CGI and Shell CGI Programs
Perl CGI Programs
Global CGI Settings
CGI Variables


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