Sun Cluster Data Service for Oracle Guide for Solaris OS

Information for Migrating Existing Instances of the Resource Type

The information that you require to edit each instance of the SUNW.oracle_server resource type is as follows:

Note –

If you are using version 4 of the SUNW.oracle_server resource type, upgrade to version 4 only if you require the new default values. If the default values in version 4 are satisfactory, you do not need to upgrade.

The following example shows a command for editing an instance of the SUNW.oracle_server resource type.

Example 7 Editing an Instance of the SUNW.oracle_server Resource Type

# scrgadm -cj oracle-srs -y Type_version=4 \
  -x custom_action_file=/opt/SUNWscor/oracle_server/etc/srv_mon_cust_actions

This command edits a SUNW.oracle_server resource as follows: