Sun Java System Directory Proxy Server Release Notes for Microsoft Windows

Sun Java™ System Directory Proxy Server Release Notes for Microsoft Windows

Version 5.2 2005Q4

Part Number 819-4266-10

These Release Notes contain important information available at the time of release of Sun Java System Directory Proxy Server 5.2 2005Q4 for Microsoft Windows. Known issues and limitations, and other information are addressed here. Read this document before you begin using Directory Proxy Server 5.2 2005Q4.

The most up-to-date version of these release notes can be found here: Check the web site prior to updating to Directory Proxy Server 5.2 2005Q4 and then periodically thereafter to view the most up-to-date release notes and product documentation.

These release notes contain the following sections:

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Release Notes Revision History

Table 1  Revision History 



February 2006

Revenue release.

November 2005

Beta release.

About Directory Proxy Server 5.2 2005Q4

Directory Proxy Server 5.2 2005Q4 is a part of the Sun Java Enterprise System that provides high availability, security, and client compatibility features for both extranet and intranet directory infrastructures. In some parts of the Directory Proxy Server documentation and console, the version number of the product is referred to as 5.2.

Hardware and Software Requirements

The following hardware and software are required for this release of Directory Proxy Server.

Table 2  Windows Hardware and Software Requirements 


Platform Requirement

Operating System

Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Service Pack 4

Windows 2003 Enterprise Server

Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2


512 MB

Disk space

200 MB


Directory Proxy Server has been validated with Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 2003, Microsoft Windows XP.

Bugs Fixed in This Release

Table 3  Fixed Bugs in Directory Proxy Server 5.2 2005Q4

Bug ID



DPS config fails during installation on a FAT32 file system

Important Information

This section contains the latest information that is not contained in the core product documentation. This section covers the following topics:

Installation Notes

For information about patch requirements and installation, see the following sections:

Patch Requirement Information

The following table gives the numbers and minimum versions for the alignment patches. All patches referred to in this section are the minimum version number required for upgrade. It is possible that a new version of the patch has been issued since this document was published. A newer version is indicated by a different version number at the end of the patch. For example: 123456-04 is a newer version of 123456-02 but they are the same patch ID. Refer to the README file for each patch listed for special instructions.

To access the patches, go to

Table 4  Directory Proxy Server 5.2 2005Q4 Alignment Patches Required For Windows

Patch Number

Patch Description


Windows (MSI): Sun Java™ System Administration Server 5 2005Q4


Windows (MSI): Sun Java™ System Directory Server 5 2005Q4


Windows (MSI): Sun Java™ System Directory Proxy Server 5 2005Q4

For detailed information about Upgrade procedure of the Directory Proxy Server from JES3 to JES4 refer Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Upgrade Guide for Microsoft Windows located at

General Installation Information

If you are installing Directory Proxy Server 5.2 2005Q4 on the Windows platform, go through the Sun Java Enterprise System Installation Guide prior to that.

Configuring Directory Proxy Server For SSL/Certificates

For information about how to configure Directory Proxy Server 5.2 2005Q4 for SSL-enabled communication, see the Directory Proxy Server Administration Guide.

Finding the Installation Log Files

For information about the log files generated during installation, see the following table:

Table 5  Location of Installation Log Files


Log (administrator)



Documentation Notes

Localized documentation is posted to as it becomes available.

Accessibility Features for People With Disabilities

To obtain accessibility features that have been released since the publishing of this media, consult Section 508 product assessments available from Sun upon request to determine which versions are best suited for deploying accessible solutions. Updated versions of applications can be found at:

For information on Sun’s commitment to accessibility, visit

Known Issues and Limitations

This section describes the known issues and limitations of Directory Proxy Server 5.2 2005Q4 for Windows.

DPS configuration fails on localized Windows version (6266488)

The problem is in the *.cacl files:

They specify the permissions for the installed DPS files. Example line:

bin/dps/admin/servlets/dps-server52.jar/g Administrators:f Everyone:r

The problem is that on german Windows 2000 there are no users/groups "Administrators/Everyone". They are mentioned as "Administratoren/Jeder". It is the same case with other localizations as well.

Workaround (can be done for Configure Manually after Installation only):

  1. Start JES installer and install DPS in config later mode. After installation is done, edit the three *cacl files listed above as:
  2. This is a suggested modification for german locale. The same is to be done for other locales also. You need to configure DPS as per the instructions given in the config_DPS.txt file.

  3. Add Administrators/Everyone to the groups with the same rights as the german correspondents. But this is not allowed in some environments for security reasons.

After Startup Directory Proxy Server Does Not Automatically Listen on the Network (4818122)

When Directory Proxy Server is started by the command line, it does not automatically listen on the network. If SSL mode is activated, you must provide a token and password to start SSL. When the token request has been satisfied, Directory Proxy Server can listen on the network.



Cannot Rename an Object With a Previously Used Name (4863003)

An object cannot be renamed with a previously used name. For example, an object cannot be named and renamed as follows:

This limitation applies to all named properties of the object, including the configuration name.



Duplicate Configurations Caused by Renaming Configurations With the Console (4923242)

If you use the Directory Proxy Server Console to rename a Directory Proxy Server configuration a duplicate configuration name is created.


To clone a configuration, create a new configuration and copy all of the values from the original configuration to the new configuration.

BIND/UNBIND Is Performed for Each Referral (4943985)

Instead of reusing existing connections to the backend LDAP servers, Directory Proxy Server performs a BIND/UNBIND for each referral. This issue causes a reduction in performance if the backend server is on a Wide Area Network.



Cannot Follow Referrals in BIND Requests (4951403)

When a bind request is made by the Directory Proxy Server to another server, a DN is returned. However, the Directory Proxy Server does not use the returned DN to connect to the server. Instead, the Directory Proxy Server uses the original DN. The bind request does not work.


This feature is a limitation for bind requests only. This feature is not a limitation for search requests, modify requests, and other requests.

Remote Instance Fails to Start From the Console When SSL Is Enabled (4961059)

When SSL is enabled in a remote instance of Directory Proxy Server, you cannot use the console to start or restart the instance. The console displays a message that there is no PIN file present.


Install a PIN file on the console side, using the same path that is used server side.

Cannot Start Directory Proxy Server Console (5041840)

If the Administration Server is started before the Configuration Directory Server after installation, the Directory Proxy Server cannot access the Administration Server. In this scenario, the Directory Proxy Server console cannot be started correctly.


Start the Configuration Directory Server before starting the Administration Server.

Console Hangs When Directory Proxy Server Configuration Is Renamed (6295155)

The console hangs if the configuration name is changed by using the console.



Directory Proxy Server unconfiguration fails during uninstallation (6360184)

Directory Proxy Server uninstallation fails, if Directory Proxy Server is selected along with Directory Server and other products for uninstallation using "modify" mode.


If Directory Proxy Server and Directory Server are to be uninstalled in modify mode, uninstall the Directory Proxy Server in the first session and then uninstall the Directory Server in the second session.

Redistributable Files

Sun Java System Directory Proxy Server 5.2 2005Q4 does not contain any files which you can redistribute.

How to Report Problems and Provide Feedback

If you have problems with Sun Java System Directory Proxy Server, contact Sun customer support using one of the following mechanisms:

So that we can best assist you in resolving problems, please have the following information available when you contact support:

You might also find it useful to subscribe to the following interest groups, where Sun Java System Directory Proxy Server topics are discussed:

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