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Sun Java Enterprise System Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 


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Chapter 1   Installation Planning Overview
Where Does Installation Fit in the Java Enterprise System Solution Life Cycle?
What Are the Installation Planning Tasks?
What Components Are Installed?
Are Your Systems Ready?
System Requirements
Access Privileges
Memory and Disk Space Requirements
Next Steps

Chapter 2   Developing Your Installation Sequence
What Does My Deployment Call for?
Reviewing Your Deployment Architecture
What Are My Key Installation Issues?
How Do Component Interdependencies Affect My Installation?
What Setup Type Is the Best?
Default Option
Custom Option
Which Is the Best Configuration Option?
Configure Automatically During Installation
Configure Manually After Installation
How Many Installation Sessions Are Needed?
Single Installation Session
Multiple Installation Sessions
Next Steps

Chapter 3   Installation Process and Prerequisites
Getting the Sun Java Enterprise System Software
The Sun Java Enterprise System Installation Process
Installer Modes
Language Selection
Dependency Check
Configuration Options and Parameter Settings
The Sun Java Enterprise System Uninstallation Process
General Behavior
Interdependency Handling
Component Dependencies From Remote Hosts
Component Dependencies Resulting From Configuration
Installation Prerequisites
Next Steps

Chapter 4   Example Installation Sequences
Single-Session Installation Examples
Evaluation Example
Access Manager Only Example
Access Manager and Directory Server Example
Access Manager and Portal Server Example
Application Server Only Example
Communications Express and Messaging Server Example
Directory Proxy Server Only Example
Directory Server Only Example
Instant Messaging Only Example
Message Queue Only Example
Portal Server Only Example
Portal Server Secure Remote Access Only Example
Service Registry Only Example
Web Proxy Server Only Example
Web Server Only Example
Calendar Server and Messaging Server Example
Calendar-Messaging Schema 1 Example
Communication and Collaboration Services Example
Communications Express and Messaging Server Example
Identity Management Example
Instant Messaging and Access Manager Example
Portal Server Using a Remote Access Manager Example
Web and Application Services Example

Chapter 5   Installing Sun Java Enterprise System Using the Installation Wizard
Running the Installation Wizard
To Cancel Installation
Next Steps

Chapter 6   Configuration Information of the Components
How to Use This Chapter
Suggested Look-up Strategies
Administrator Server Settings
Access Manager Configuration Information
Access Manager: Parameter Information
Access Manager: Directory Server Information
Access Manager: Web Container Information
Web Container Information: Access Manager With Web Server
Web Container Information: Access Manager With Application Server
Application Server Configuration Information
Application Server: Shared Component Information
Application Server: Web Server Information
Communications Express Configuration Information
Delegated Administrator Configuration Information
Delegated Administrator: Administration Information
High Availability Session Store Configuration Information
High Availability Session Store: Administration Information
Instant Messaging Configuration Information
Messaging Server Configuration Information
Portal Server Configuration Information
Portal Server Secure Remote Access Configuration Information
Service Registry Configuration Information
Service Registry: Parameter Information
Web Proxy Server Configuration Information
Web Server Configuration Information
Web Server: Administration Information
Web Server: Default Web Server Instance Information

Chapter 7   Configuring Components After Installation
Installed Components
Access Manager Postinstallation Configuration
Administration Server Postinstallation Configuration
Application Server Postinstallation Configuration
Calendar Server Postinstallation Configuration
Communications Express Postinstallation Configuration
Delegated Administrator Postinstallation Configuration
Directory Proxy Server Postinstallation Configuration
Directory Server Postinstallation Configuration
HADB Postinstallation Configuration
Instant Messaging Postinstallation Configuration
Message Queue Postinstallation Configuration
Messaging Server Postinstallation Configuration
Portal Server Postinstallation Configuration
Portal Server SRA Postinstallation Configuration
Service Registry Postinstallation Configuration
Web Proxy Server Postinstallation Configuration
Web Server Postinstallation Configuration
Next Steps

Chapter 8   Installing the Software in Silent Mode
Silent Installation Events
Creating a Response File
Editing the Response File
Running the Installer in Silent Mode
Understanding the Setup.log File
Next Steps

Chapter 9   Starting and Stopping Components
Startup Sequence for Java Enterprise System
Starting and Stopping Access Manager
Starting and Stopping Administration Server
Starting and Stopping Application Server
Starting and Stopping Calendar Server
Starting and Stopping Directory Server
Starting Directory Server
Stopping Directory Server
Starting and Stopping Directory Proxy Server
Starting and Stopping HADB Management Agent
Starting and Stopping Instant Messaging
Starting and Stopping Message Queue
Starting and Stopping Messaging Server
Starting and Stopping Portal Server
Starting and Stopping Service Registry
Starting and Stopping Web Proxy Server
Starting and Stopping Web Server
Next Steps

Chapter 10   Uninstalling the Software
Pre-uninstallation Tasks
Running the Uninstall Program in Graphical Mode
Running the Uninstall Program in Silent Mode

Chapter 11   Troubleshooting
General Troubleshooting Methods
Check Directory Server Connectivity
Check Postinstallation Configuration
Check Resources and Settings
Check the Distribution Media
Examine Component Log Files
Examine Installation Log Files
Remove Web Server Files and Directory
Verify Passwords
Verify Product Dependencies
Verifying the DNS Suffix
Installation Problems
Installation Fails Due to Leftover Files During Uninstallation
Installation Failure
Silent Installation Fails
Silent Installation Fails: “Response File Is Incompatible or Corrupted”
Unexpected External Errors
Uninstallation Problems
Uninstallation Fails, Leaving Behind Files
Component Troubleshooting Information
Access Manager Troubleshooting Tools
Administration Server Troubleshooting Tools
Application Server Troubleshooting Tools
Calendar Server Troubleshooting Tools
Communications Express Troubleshooting Tools
Delegated Administrator Troubleshooting Tools
Directory Proxy Server Troubleshooting Tools
Directory Server Troubleshooting Tools
High Availability Session Store Troubleshooting Tools
Instant Messaging Troubleshooting Tools
Message Queue Troubleshooting Tools
Messaging Server Troubleshooting Tools
Portal Server Secure Remote Access Troubleshooting Tools
Portal Server Troubleshooting Tools
Service Registry Troubleshooting Tools
Web Proxy Server Troubleshooting Tools
Web Server Troubleshooting Tools
Additional Troubleshooting Information

Appendix A   Java ES Components
Selectable Components
Shared Components

Appendix B   Default Port Numbers
Appendix C   Example Response File


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