Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for IBM WebSphere Portal Server 6.0

Self-Contained Installation of J2EE Agents

All J2EE agent configuration and log files are generated and maintained within an agent’s installation directory. This installation directory is referred to as the Policy Agent base directory. In code examples this directory is listed as such, PolicyAgent-base. For more information about the Policy Agent base directory, see J2EE Agent Directory Structure in Policy Agent 2.2. The distribution files for the 2.2 release of J2EE agents are provided to you in zip, tar, or package format (and sometimes in all three formats). The files are small in size since the installer for this release uses a simple configuration mechanism. In summary, when you unpack the binaries, the configuration and log files remain within the installation directory.

Benefit - Self-Contained Installation: This feature contributes to a more flexible installation process. The fact that an installation is self-contained facilitates the installation process and the subsequent administration process.