Sun Java System Delegated Administrator 6.4 Administration Guide

For Former Users of iPlanet Delegated Administrator

Communications Suite Delegated Administrator is designed for provisioning users in an LDAP Schema 2 directory.

Users of previous versions of Messaging Server who have an LDAP Schema 1 directory may have used iPlanet Delegated Administrator, a deprecated tool. If you still have a Schema 1 directory, you should use iPlanet Delegated Administrator to provision users.

iPlanet Delegated Administrator uses slightly different terms for the administrator roles than those currently used by Communications Suite Delegated Administrator.

Table 1–1 lists and defines the administrator roles in each version of Delegated Administrator.

Table 1–1 Administrator Roles in iPlanet Delegated Administrator and Communications Suite Delegated Administrator

iPlanet Delegated Administrator 



Communications Suite Delegated Administrator Utility 


Communications Suite Delegated Administrator Console  





Site Administrator 

Top-Level Administrator (TLA) 

Top-Level Administrator (TLA) 

Manages the entire directory supported by Delegated Administrator, including the organizations and users*. 


(None in this release) 

Service Provider Administrator (SPA) 

Manages a provider organization, the shared and full business organizations under the provider organization, and users in those business organizations. 

Domain Administrator 

Organization Administrator (OA) 

Organization Administrator (OA) 

Manages one organization and the users in that organization. 

* In this release of Delegated Administrator, the TLA cannot create provider organizations or business organizations under a provider organization.