Sun Java System Delegated Administrator 6.4 Administration Guide

Adding a User Log-In Value

You can set additional values for the user log-in by editing the file.

The file is located in

da-base/data/WEB-INF/classes/sun/comm/cli/server/servlet/ \

For example, to enable you to use a mail address (such as to log in, you could add the following line to the file:

servicepackage-cosdefbasedn = <$rootSuffix>

where <$rootSuffix> is the root suffix in your directory.

Note that you must add an increment to the loginAuth-idAttr property for each new value. In this example, a second value is added, so you add -2 to loginAuth-idAttr.

You can add multiple instances of the loginAuth-idAttr property:

loginAuth-idAttr-n=<login-in value>

After you edit the file, redeploy it to the Web container used by the Delegated Administrator server.

Before the changes can take effect, you must run the script that deploys the customized file to your Web container.

For instructions on how to deploy a customized properties file to a particular Web container, see To Deploy a Customized Configuration File.