Sun Java System Delegated Administrator 6.4 Administration Guide

Delegated Administrator Server Log

You can create a Delegated Administrator server log that contains debug statements generated by the Delegated Administrator servlets installed on the Web container.

To do so, you enable a Debug servlet to log debug messages from the Delegated Administrator servlet execution.

You use the commadmin debug log command to write Delegated Administrator server messages to a debug log.

The -f option specifies the full path and file name of the log.

The -t option allows you to toggle between writing debug messages to the log and turning off the debug logging.

For example, enter the following command:

commadmin debug log -D paul -n -w bolton \
-t on -f /tmp/debug.log

The preceding command would log Debug servlet messages to the following path and file:


The log can only be created in the /tmp/ or /var/tmp/ directory.

Whenever you restart the Web container, you must run the commadmin debug log command again.