Sun Java System Delegated Administrator 6.4 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Preserve an Existing Configuration

  1. Back up the properties files you have customized.

    For a list of the properties files, see Delegated Administrator Properties Files.

  2. Run the config-commda program, as described in the following sections.

    The remaining steps use the file as an example. Repeat these steps for each file you have customized.

  3. Edit the new file created by the config-commda program, as follows:

    1. Open the new file.

      Be sure to edit the file in the original (standard) location in the Delegated Administrator installation directory, not the file deployed to the Web container used by the Delegated Administrator server.

    2. Open your back-up copy of the file.

    3. Locate the properties that were customized in the back-up copy. Apply the customized values to the corresponding properties in the new file.

      Do not simply overwrite the new file with the entire back-up copy. The new file may contain new properties created to support this release of Delegated Administrator.

  4. Redeploy the edited file to the Web container used by the Delegated Administrator server.

    Before the change can take effect, you must run the script that deploys the customized file to your Web container.

    For instructions on how to deploy a customized properties file to a particular Web container, see To Deploy a Customized Configuration File.