Sun Java System Delegated Administrator 6.4 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo remove services from a domain

This procedure permanently removes mail and calendar services from a domain and from each user, group, and resource in the domain. The domain itself, including its subordinate LDAP entries, remains intact in the directory.

  1. Mark the service(s) in the domain as deleted by running the commadmin domain delete command.

    For example, to mark mail and calendar services as deleted in the domain:

    commadmin domain delete -D chris -w bolton -d -n \
    -S mail,cal
  2. Remove resources from all users, groups, and resources in the domain.

    A resource can be a mailbox or a calendar.

    For mail services, run the msuserpurge utility.

    Refer to the Sun Java System Messaging Server Administration Reference for information about the msuserpurge utility.

    For calendar services, run the csclean utility.

    Refer to the Sun Java System Calendar Server Administration Guide for information about the csclean utility.

    Note –

    If the mailbox or calendar of any user in the domain is not removed, the service cannot be purged from the domain. For example, for mail service, be sure that the grace period has been reached and that the msuserpurge utility has been run on all mail message stores encompassed by the domain.

  3. Permanently remove the service(s) from the domain by invoking the commadmin domain purge command.

    For example, to remove mail and calendar services from the domain:

    commadmin domain purge -D chris -w bolton -d -n \
    -S mail,cal